Shark Will Be Used In Future Opel Models

The delightful story of opel dogfish, which has become a cult
The delightful story of opel dogfish, which has become a cult

German automotive manufacturer Opel reflects its passion for marine in its current product range as in the past. This passion, which is manifested in legendary models such as Kadett, Admiral, Kapitän, is manifested in the details inside and outside the vehicle, from the Manta fish logo to the sharks hidden in the cockpits of Opel branded cars. Hidden in the Corsa and the new Mokka models, Opel's now cult shark signature will continue to exist in the brand's future models.

For the German manufacturer Opel, which has reflected its passion for maritime on its models for many years, the shark signature plays an important role in the brand's journey from the past to the future. The shark icon, which has become a cult now, has been added to various models bearing the Opel logo. zamaccompany the moment. The story of the shark, which is noticeable in the new Opel Mokka or in the brand's best-selling award-winning model Opel Corsa, is actually based on a long history.

Opel's flagships in the past years, Kadett, Admiral and Kapitän, while pleasing car lovers with their unique designs, also revealed the high connection of the brand with maritime. This passion of opel zaman zamthe moment also shifted to the creatures below the sea surface. Opel introduced the Manta, a sporty coupe model that proudly bears the stingray-shaped logo in 1970. Opel Manta has touched the lives of many people by leaving a deep mark in the automobile world. This trace is so deep that the German manufacturer is preparing to revive the model with the zero-emission Manta GSe ElektroMOD, whose details it has recently shared.

With great emphasis on the design of Manta's characteristic logo, the designers devoted themselves to the shark for more than 15 years. Design Director Karim Giordimaina described the process with the words "It all started 17 years ago and it has become a real cult."

How did a child's idea become a cult?

So where does the shark come from? One Sunday in 2004, Opel designer Dietmar Finger was drawing a design for the new Corsa at home. More precisely, most zamHe was scratching the side wall of the glove box, which was not visible due to the closed passenger door at the moment. When the glovebox was opened, this wall had to be strong and show strength. This strength was provided by the transverse channels applied to the plastic surface. The designer was exactly designing these channels. In the middle of his design, his son came up to him, looked at the sketch and asked: "Dad, why don't you draw a shark?" Why not? The designer's fingers moved involuntarily, giving the canals the shape of a shark. Thus, an idea and a new tradition were born, and with the shark symbol in the glove compartment, Opel went into series production.

From then on, the success story of the "Opel shark" had begun. Karim Giordimaina, who was responsible for the interior design of the Zafira at the time, hid three small sharks in the cockpit of the compact van model, which has won the hearts with its flexible handling. Shark practice continued over the ensuing years. Shark figures were seen first on the Opel Adam, then on the current Opel Astra and finally on other passenger models, from the Opel Crossland and Opel Grandland X to the Opel Insignia. This situation zamit became a real cult with the Since then, every interior chief designer has installed at least one shark somewhere in the interior at the end of the development process. And this is often not discovered until the car is launched.

Shark will also be used in future Opel models

The shark has become an important symbol of Opel for Giordimaina over the years and hasn't just been limited to the glove box. Giordimania summed up the subject with the following words; “When we introduce new models, journalists ask us where the sharks are. Each of our designers zamI direct the sharks to hide inside the new designs. The affectionately drawn predators represent what sets Opel apart: our passion for our cars and for them. We take great care and attention to every detail. We are accessible, we are human, and we do everything with a smile on our faces. This is exactly what we want our customers to feel. "

Who are the sharks zamthe moment is busier, who zamthe moment is less, but every zamhidden in the moment, it will continue to appear in future Opel models. However, depending on the Opel model they are hiding in, they can be located at different points in the interior.

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