KARAOK Anti-Tank Missile Entering the Inventory

ROKETSAN General Manager Murat İkinci answered NTV reporter Özden Erkuş's questions on NTV live broadcast.

In the interview, it was shared that the development phase of the KARAOK anti-tank gun was completed and that it will be in the TSK inventory by the end of 2021.

KARAOK, a Short-Range Horse-Forget Type Anti-Tank Weapon Used by a Single Personnel, is a portable missile system that can operate day / night thanks to the infrared imager head on it. KARAOK; It can be used in air assault, airborne and amphibious operations to stop, delay, channel and destroy threats at short range.

KARAOK, weighing less than 16 kg, is 110 cm long and has an aligned cross-shaped wing and rear wing structure. The missile was equipped with a tandem (sequential) warhead (weight not disclosed) and a new and indigenously developed hybrid-double-stage (launch, flight) rocket engine (weight not disclosed) designed to deliver firing from a confined space. Shooting modes; It includes locking before shooting, locking after shooting, throw-forget, overhead or direct hit capability.

KARAOK made its first guided shot

As we reported on May 7, 2021, the KARAOK Anti-Tank Missile, using the Infrared Seeker Head, delivered from ASELSAN to ROKETSAN, hit the target with full accuracy in the first guided test missile launch.

In the product catalog previously published by ROKETSAN, the range of KARAOK was specified as 1000 meters. It was shared that the range of KARAOK, which is still under development, was increased to 2021 meters in the catalog published in January 2500.

Source: defenceturk

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