First Mass Production Bayraktar Akıncı Successfully Completed the S-1 Flight Test

The first serial production aircraft of Bayraktar AKINCI Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, AKINCI S-1 successfully completed its first flight test on May 19, 2021. AKINCI S-1 successfully performed its first flight test on the 19nd anniversary of May 1919, 102, when the National Struggle began. Developed by Baykar Defense, AKINCI TİHA is planned to be included in the inventory by the end of 2021.

It was reported that Bayraktar AKINCI PT-3, the third prototype of AKINCI TİHA, successfully completed the high altitude and high speed tests in April 2021. In March 2021, it was stated that the tests of the AKINCI S-1, the first platform of mass production, were carried out in Istanbul. Thus, it was announced that AKINCI TİHA's first mass production platform had begun testing. In the information made in March 1, it was reported that the tests of the AKINCI TİHA S-2021 and S-1 platforms developed by Baykar Defense are continuing and that the platforms will be sent to the Çorlu Airfield Base Command for flight tests after the ground tests are completed.

Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA Operators' Night Training Started

The training of the operators of Bayraktar AKINCI Attack UAV, which was developed locally and nationally by Baykar Defense, continues without slowing down. In the statement made by Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar on May 1, 2021, it was stated that the trainings were carried out with 65 sorties in the first week. Bayraktar, with his message on May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day, said, “We completed our first week of AKINCI trainings by flying 65 sorties until dawn tonight. Happy May 1st Labor and Solidarity Day to everyone who labored for our country and humanity, who gave heart, rot their elbows, and shed their sweat. ”

It was stated that AKINCI TİHA operators made their first flights on April 26, 2021 and the trainees performed 9 sorties in total. Operators' first flight and taxi training day zamAt that moment, 26 April coincided with World Pilots' Day.

Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA Completes Its First Firing Test

Within the scope of the project carried out under the leadership of the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency (SSB), Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA (Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), developed by BAYKAR with domestic and national means, successfully completed the first firing test on April 22, 2021.

Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA, developed by BAYKAR with domestic and national means, successfully completed the first firing test on April 22, 2021. Intelligent ammunition developed nationally by Roketsan MAM-C, MAM-L and MAM-T used for the first time successfully hit the targets.

Launched with Smart Ammunition

Previously many tests successfully completed Turkey's first unmanned attack aircraft, which Bayraktar AKINCI, for the first shooting test under the wings release AnlArIndA developed as a national by Roketsan one MAM-C, Total MAM-L and first used one MAI-T took off with smart ammunition. The first flight of the ammunition flight test campaign was carried out with AKINCI PT-3 on 17 April. While the second test flight with ammunition was made on April 21, the first shots were carried out on April 22, 2021.

Source: defenceturk

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