Fiesta Rally Cup Excitement Peaked at ESOK Rally

Fiesta rally cup excitement was at its peak in esok rally
Fiesta rally cup excitement was at its peak in esok rally

At the Eskişehir (ESOK) Rally, the first leg of the Turkish Rally Championship held last weekend, the 'Fiesta Rally Cup' race, which was held for the first time after a long 1,5-year interval due to the pandemic, was the team against each other and in Eskişehir's ever-changing They fought fiercely against weather and ground conditions.

Fiesta Rally Cup, Turkey's longest running only brand cup open to rally drivers from all walks of life, will be held between 23-25 ​​April this year, the first leg of the 2021 European Rally Cup and the Turkish Rally Championship, Eskişehir Evofone (ESOK). Rally, it started again. 11 Ford Fiesta competing in the ESOK Rally, which also gave points to the European and Balkan Cups, showed a fierce struggle until the last stage in order to find a place in the top of the Fiesta Rally Cup classification.

Tansel Karasu and Yüksel Karasu, who took to the course with the new Fiesta Rally4 in the first race of the Fiesta Rally Cup, took the lead of the Fiesta Rally Cup by blowing like a storm. And Sunman and Özden Yılmaz, on the other hand, managed to complete the Fiesta Rally Cup in the 2nd place by continuing the attack they started from the 7th stage until the last stage, although they regressed to the 4th place in the first stages of the race with the Fiesta R2. Competing with a steady pace from the beginning to the end of the race, Okan Tanrıverdi - Sevilay Young duo completed the Fiesta Rally Cup in 2rd place with the Fiesta R3.

In the first race of the 2021 Fiesta Rally Cup, the classification was as follows:

  • Tansel Karasu- Yüksel Karasu (Fiesta Rally4), the team is the same zamnow ranked 2st in R4T / Rally1 class.
  • And Sunman-Yılmaz Özden, (Fiesta R2), the team is the same zamAt the moment it became the 2st in the R1 class and the 3rd in the Young Pilots of Turkey.
  • Okan Tanrıverdi-Sevilay Genç (Fiesta R2), the team is the same zamAt the moment, Şevki became the 1st in the Gökerman Cup.
  • Emrah Ali Başo - 1st in ST / R1 / R1T class and same as Yasin Tomurcuk (Fiesta ST) zamAt the moment, Şevki Gökerman became the second in the Cup.

The Fiesta Rally Cup, which was launched by Turkish rally legends Serdar Bostancı and Castrol Ford Team Turkey in its new format since 2017 and organized specifically for Ford Fiestas, makes experienced pilots of all ages and promising young pilots a part of a professional team, while a high competition offers the environment. The next leg of the Fiesta Rally Cup will be held under the roof of the Yeşil Bursa Rally, which will be held in Bursa on 29-30 May and will also give points to the Turkish Rally Championship.

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