Great Interest in the World's First XNUMXD Defense Industry Fair SAHA EXPO

SAHA EXPO, the world's first 9D defense industry fair organized by SAHA Istanbul, which was established with the aim of developing national systems in the defense industry, civil aviation and space sectors, ended on May 9. In the online fair extended until May 2021, 290 upon intense demand; 536 companies exhibited 115 products in three dimensions. More than 32 thousand B2B meetings were held at the fair, where Turkey's domestic and national defense force was opened to the world and visited by more than 10 thousand people. The second of the SAHA EXPO Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair will be held on 13-2021 November XNUMX at the Istanbul Expo Center.

SAHA EXPO, where SAHA Istanbul brought a new breath to the traditional defense industry fair concept and hosted many companies of the sector, closed its doors with intense interest. The fair that brings together the industrialists of the sector, technology developers and domestic and foreign purchasing delegations who want to buy products; More than 98 thousand people, 17 thousand locals and 115 thousand foreigners, visited it. 290 B536B meetings were held at the fair where 32 companies introduced 832 products in three dimensions.

At SAHA EXPO, where Turkey's defense force is moved to the virtual world; On the first day, 102 companies exhibited 3D products. This number reached 290 with the intense participation of visitors. Again, on the first day, the number of 355 products exhibited increased to 536.

Products that were not promoted anywhere were showcased at the fair

Making evaluations about the fair, Haluk Bayraktar, the Chairman of the Board of SAHA Istanbul, said, “We had the chance to show the domestic production potential of Turkey in the defense, aviation, maritime and space industry to the world with our exhibition led by SAHA Istanbul. Since our fair received an extremely busy visit, we extended the end date of 9 April until 9 May. Many companies and government representatives from important actors of the defense industry such as North and South America, Europe, Middle East, North and Continent Africa, Far East, Ukraine and Russia visited our fair. We exhibited the products produced by the sector players in the defense industry and which were not introduced anywhere before at our fair. We have collaborated with our exhibition that will make a significant contribution to our national technology move. "We will continue to add new events to the activities that increase the contribution of our cluster to the sector and the National Technology Move."

TİHA and ATAK were also introduced

BİTES, a member of SAHA Istanbul and an ASELSAN company, developed the virtual fair application XperExpo. Thanks to the application, the participants; He had the opportunity to examine products and catalogs by visiting the stands in the fair, which consisted of three main halls. Participants also watched promotional videos of products and companies and were able to participate in mutual video conferences. At the fair, the products and systems developed by hundreds of companies in the defense and aviation industry, especially Akıncı Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TİHA), Cezeri, ATAK helicopter, National Combat Aircraft, TB2 and missile systems, were introduced. TJ 300 and PG 50 engines, known as Turkey's aviation engines; SAR 762 MT and SAR 127 MT guns were exhibited for the first time at SAHA EXPO.

The physical fair will be held on 10-13 November 2021 in a 5 times larger area.

The second of the SAHA EXPO Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair, the first of which was held in 2018, will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center on 10-13 November 2021. The fair will bring together the main platform manufacturers, suppliers and companies that want to take part in these sectors, which produce for the defense, aviation, maritime and space industries. Visitors and purchasing delegations from many countries including Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India will participate in the fair, which will be held in an area 2018 times larger than 5, and where many international agreements will be made.

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