Birevim Signed Vehicle Financing Protocol with All Private Public Buses Association

Protocol of association of birevim and all private public buses
Protocol of association of birevim and all private public buses

Birevim, the architect of Savings Finance and the locomotive brand of the sector, came together and signed a protocol with the Association of All Private Public Buses (TÖHOB) at the "Travel Together Meetings" event. With the protocol signed, Birevim provides vehicle financing to the members of the association through savings financing method. Birevim General Manager Av. The event, hosted by Mahir Orak at Elite World Hotel, was attended by TÖHOB managers and the heads of five companies in Istanbul affiliated to TÖHOB.

Birevim, which offers a financial solution to the housing, workplace and vehicle needs of thousands of people every day, came together with the Private Public Bus Tradesmen Chambers operating in 81 provinces of TÖHOB, which provides transportation services to millions of people every day. Steps were taken for the first collective savings finance production of the sector, which could turn into an exemplary business model in the savings finance sector. TÖHOB signed a protocol with Birevim, the architect of Savings Finance, paving the way for TÖHOB members to own vehicles with accessible financing method.

We will continue to offer innovative solutions to the sector.

Stating that they set out to meet the financing needs of housing, workplace and vehicle needs with the savings finance model in 2016, and that they reached the position of the locomotive brand in the sector with their innovative product range and perspective, Birevim General Manager Av. Mahir Orak said, “We have come a long way in a short period of four years. We started to offer the savings finance model for the benefit of everyone with the works we carry out and the services we develop. We have made it possible for thousands of families to reach their dream residence, workplace or vehicle. It is very precious for us to walk together with stakeholders such as TÖHOB who serve in the public sphere and meet an important need. With this awareness, we will create the most appropriate savings financing model that our tradesmen in TÖHOB need. I believe that the cooperation we have established here will set an example in our sector and will realize the first collective savings finance production of the sector ”.

Emphasizing that the savings finance sector, of which they were the architect, has now become controllable with the legislation and that they have taken an active role in all activities from the beginning to the end of the process, Orak said, “The wealth of our society is measured by the savings we produce. While the resources we produce together are strengthening us, the same zamNow it contributes to the resources and wealth of our country. "We will continue to work to strengthen national savings and develop new collaborations."

Hard to find financial resources

Stating that there are around 22 thousand private public buses in Turkey and that they operate in many provinces and districts of Turkey, Ercan Soydaş, the chairman of the Board of the All Private Public Buses Union, said, “We provide our citizens with new, comfortable and fully equipped public transportation services. In addition, we regularly renew our vehicles with our legal and responsible service approach. The economic conditions we are in and the cost increase of existing and traditional financing services made it difficult for our members to access finance and our tradesmen have difficulty changing their vehicles. In this context, we are very happy to meet with Birevim executives and meet the savings finance system. This agreement we made with Birevim will bring great advantages to our members who want to own a vehicle. We believe that this agreement will be the beginning of a nice journey ”.

Göksel Ovacık, the head of the Istanbul Private Public Buses Chamber of Tradesmen, thanked Birevim for this event and continued as follows: “It is very important for our industry to have met such a beneficial new financing method that contributes to the national economy and the cooperation we have developed. Our vehicles are used for 15 years in Istanbul as per the regulation. With the increase of costs in current financing methods, new vehicle investments have become difficult. Therefore, the savings financing model offered by Birevim is an opportunity for us. With this method, which can be a solution for our tradesmen who have difficulties in vehicle change, our tradesmen will be able to make changes in a shorter term and they will have the opportunity to evaluate the used vehicles under better conditions in the market.

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