ASELSAN VOLKAN-M Fire Control System Tested with Tank

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir announced that the tests of the VOLKAN-M Fire Control System, developed by Aselsan, had begun with moving tank firing, with his post on his official Twitter account.

Shots were successfully carried out from the moving tank to stationary targets. We aim to qualify our new tank fire control system by the end of the year. Stating that foreign dependency has been reduced, Demir also stated that the tanks are equipped with high performance systems.

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made the following statements regarding the modernization of the tank in the past weeks: “A number of elements such as various reactive active protection systems, situational awareness systems, optical systems that we put in our M60T tanks are currently in operation. We decided to start our modernization project for Leopard 2A4. We made the decisions about it. It is on the agenda to integrate a number of issues related to it, which we have obtained from Altay, as well as the fire control system tower armor. (Leopard with Altay Towers): Our project is starting. Because, as I said, Leoaprd 2A4 tanks will move to a completely different tank size by integrating a number of elements such as the Altay turret, the Altay fire control system, armor, turret and a series of active protection systems.

In addition, ASELSAN has recently included a fire control system for M60T tanks on its website and Defense Turk shared this development.

According to the information shared by Demir, it is seen that the fire control system, which was integrated and tested in M60TM tanks, has the name VOLKAN-M. In the documents shared by ASELSAN in the past weeks, the name "M60 Tank Fire Control System" was used. ASELSAN had integrated Volkan fire control system into Leopard 2003 tanks between 2009 and 1. It can be evaluated that ASELSAN has collected the name of the fire control systems, which has been continuously developing until today, under the main title of "Volkan".

M60 Tank Fire Control System

M60 Tank Fire Control System is the national Fire Control System developed for M60 Main Battle Tanks. In order to give the M60 Tanks the highest level of firing capability in combat conditions; Simplified system architecture, effective day and night vision, high Possibility of First Shot Hit (IAVI) and fire control functions in stationary or mobile challenging combat, terrain and weather conditions are provided.

In addition, the system can work integrated with SARP, TLUS and TEPES.

Source: defenceturk

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