ASELSAN Product Domestic and National Laser Systems

Modern zamIn those moments, the vast majority of people met lasers in Star Wars movies. The laser concept, which was introduced in the scientific world with Albert Einstein in the early 1900s, managed to attract attention with science fiction films in the 1970s. Thanks to investments in military fields and engineering/science studies, laser technology is one of the most effective technologies in the field of electro-optics today.

The most important feature to have in combat conditions is to be able to operate without being seen by the enemy elements. Unlike industrial lasers, the lasers used in the military field work at wavelengths that are invisible to the naked eye, so the user can safely operate without revealing his own location.

With the mission of leading the defense industry technology of our country, ASELSAN has provided our security forces with laser target marking device, laser distance meter device, laser, which can work day and night, in all weather and combat conditions, since the 1990s, with its investments in laser systems technology and the manpower it has trained. managed to develop punctuation / lighting units.

Our work on new generation laser systems such as laser active imaging system, laser countermeasure solutions and laser weapon systems, which have been on the agenda in recent years, continues unceasingly, based on the rapid advancement of today's technology and our country's goal of becoming a country that pioneers laser technology.

Among the ASELSAN Laser Systems product families; In addition to having laser systems capable of operating alone, there are reconnaissance and surveillance systems on land, air and sea platforms, weapon systems, targeting systems and portable tactical systems, laser-based solutions for needs such as distance measurement, marking, pointing, lighting. These units are successfully used in the field with dozens of different products, both domestically and abroad.

ASELSAN laser systems are designed by ASELSAN engineers in accordance with the requirements of the real mission scenario and the operational concepts of the end user, and the products are produced locally and nationally in ASELSAN.

Laser Distance Measuring Devices

Estimating the distance of a threat determined in the battlefield using traditional methods can cause risks during the execution of the mission. Since distance measurement technology is critical in determining the distance of the target and finding its real location, laser distance measuring devices using different methods have been developed according to the characteristics of the target.

GZM, MLS and MRLR Laser Range Finders perform the operations of finding the distance and determining the coordinate of the target required by the reconnaissance and surveillance systems on land and sea platforms, targeting systems and weapon systems, portable tactical systems used by the infantry, with both module versions and device level versions.

ADLR-01 Laser Range Finder Family plays a pioneering role in locating air threats as a system that meets the need for high-speed distance measurement of air defense weapon systems and high-speed target tracking systems and neutralizing the threat through weapon systems without allowing the threat to be effective.

Laser Target Markers

The importance of the use of airspace in operational success in a combat environment is well known. The destruction of a target determined by land elements or air elements by traditional methods can cause the wrong targets to be hit, as seen in the past experiences in the history of world wars.

Many laser pointers have been developed, taking into account the platform differences, for the need to direct the bombs used by air elements with laser technology in order to hit targets with exact accuracy and to protect the environmental elements.

ENGEREK Laser Target Marking and Distance Measuring System is a system used by land elements and infantry that combines distance measurement, coordinate calculation and laser marking features in one device. Working in harmony with various types of laser guided bombs and enabling the bombs to hit their targets with exact accuracy, ENGEREK has a flexible structure that can be used with different types of sensors.

DPLAS-DR Laser Marker is a laser pointer and distance measuring module that enables the laser marking needs of marine platforms to be met within an integrated electro-optical system. It has been designed in a structure that can be compatible with different types of bombs for the destruction of both land targets and sea targets using the airspace.

HP-LİC and H-PLAS D Laser Markers are laser markers and distance measuring modules that enable the laser marking needs of unmanned aerial vehicles and rotary wing platforms to be met in an integrated electro-optical system. The KEDİGÖZÜ laser pointer, which has similar functions, is also developed for fixed wing platforms, is successfully used in the field as a module integrated into the ASELPOD System.

Laser pointers, which are developed with different features for the specific requirements of air platforms, contribute to the effective destruction of targets by using laser guided bombs and to gain field superiority.

Laser Pointer and Illuminators

Laser technology operating at night vision wavelengths is used to increase the operational speed and increase the accuracy of the target for target description, which was previously made by traditional methods to friendly units in the battlefield. Laser technology also allows threats located at close range to be seen. For this purpose, the laser point / illumination units developed work effectively in many systems and platforms.

The TEMREN Family has been developed as a punctuation / lighting product family in order to enable unmanned aerial vehicles, air platforms and land platforms to inform friendly troops about the location of enemy elements and to detect close-range threats by electro-optic systems. In this way, targets are accurately described to friendly elements and contribute to their destruction / observation by illuminating at a wavelength visible to optical systems.

ASELSAN Laser Systems, in addition to developing laser systems, which are important in achieving field superiority in the operational environment, closely follows the developing laser technology and conducts studies for different solutions.

With laser active imaging system studies, it is aimed to perform target-oriented detection, tracking, diagnosis and destruction activities with exact accuracy by illuminating in a controlled manner for a certain distance. With the laser countermeasure system studies, it is evaluated that the counter-measure technology, which is predominantly walking in the electromagnetic field, can be approached from a different angle and has the ability to overcome the measures taken against traditional countermeasures.

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