Ankutsan Rally Team Quickly Start 2021 European Rally Championship

ankutsan rally team quickly started the european rally championship
ankutsan rally team quickly started the european rally championship

Ankutsan Rally Team, which has achieved numerous successes in the Rally championships it has participated in so far, quickly started the 2021 European Rally Championship.

Ankutsan Rally Team, piloted by industrialist and business person Ankutsan founding partner Mustafa Çakal, joined the GP Garage team in the European Rally Trophy Esok Rally Eskişehir race with its new vehicle. Çakal, who made a fast entry to the race and adds a visual feast, is the best 20 in the first two stages with the Hyundai i5 R5 car, which was brought to Turkey for the first time. zamthe master signed. While the team that punctured tires in the 3rd stage managed to be 11th despite passing the stage with a flat tire, in the 4th stage they preferred controlled driving; He finished the day as 8th in general classification and 1th in Class 5.

Pretty good on the second day of the rally zamThe duo of Mustafa Çakal and Özgür Akdağ, who made moments, completed the 8th stage in the third place and drew attention to them. Mustafa Çakal, who came to the finish of the Rally as 8th in General Classification and 1th in Class 5, achieved good points for the ERT Championship.

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