Holiday Allowances Turns Into Education For Children With Autism


This holiday turns your pocket money into special education for children with autism; not a day, a lifetime, their faces are smiling. Write SEEDS and send it to 4129 to support the #MostDeverifiedHarçlık campaign, which was implemented by Tohum Autism Foundation with the support of 5290Grey, and turn the holiday for children with autism into a life-long smile on their faces.

Although the cause of autism, which is a congenital and developmental difference that is usually noticed in the first three years of life, is still unknown today, the only known remedy is early diagnosis and intensive, continuous, special education. Education is the constitutional right of every child, but education is the only remedy for children with autism. The # EnDe valuableHarçlık campaign, implemented by Tohum Autism Foundation with the support of 4129Grey, will turn holiday allowances into special education for children with autism. With the donations donated for children studying at Tohum Autism Foundation during Ramadan Feast, children with autism will smile for a lifetime, not just one day. By typing SEEDS and sending an SMS to 5290, you can donate 20 TL of allowance, and you can make this holiday a festival for children with autism.

The only known remedy for autism, early diagnosis and intensive, continuous, special education!

Among the main symptoms of autism; Not making eye contact with others, not looking when named, delayed speech, not being able to show what they want with their finger, not showing interest in games played by their peers, shaking, fluttering, walking on the tip of their fingers, excessive interest in rotating objects and obsessive behaviors can be counted. If different behaviors and symptoms are observed in their children from their peers of the same age, they should immediately consult a child-adolescent psychiatrist who specializes in autism. The only known remedy for autism today is early diagnosis and continuous, intensive, special education. Scientific researches show that approximately XNUMX percent of children who receive education with early diagnosis and a correct education method can control the symptoms of autism, develop their skills, and even some children with autism are no different from their peers when they reach adolescence.

Suat Kardaş, General Manager of Tohum Autism Foundation, says that the foundation's purpose is to bring autistic children into education and social life and to contribute to their standing as independent individuals through early diagnosis and special education. Kardaş said, “While we are fulfilling our responsibilities in this difficult period we are going through, we show solidarity and solidarity at every level. zamWe know that it is much more important than now, and we invite you to support the #EnDeriousHarclik campaign with your holiday allowances to contribute to the education scholarship fund of children with autism studying at our foundation. Come on, donate 5290 TL by texting TOHUM and sending an SMS to 20... Let's make this holiday the holiday of children with autism…” he said.

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