Critical Communication and Electronic Warfare Components from a Domestic Company

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Tualcom Elektronik AŞ, which designs and manufactures critical components in communication and electronic warfare technologies and exports about $ 50 per gram.

TÜBİTAK Defense Industry Research and Development Institute Director Gürcan Okumuş accompanied Minister Varank during the visit.

Receiving information from Tualcom General Manager Tunahan Kırılmaz and Deputy General Manager Ahmet Salih Erdem regarding the company's activities, Varank examined the R&D activities on site after the presentation.

Stating that Tualcom was established 8 years ago with the “Techno-Enterprise Capital Support” of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Kırılmaz said that they continued their projects with the support of TÜBİTAK and the products they provided to defense industry organizations. Kırılmaz stated that they design and manufacture to the lowest level with a team of 60 people, mostly engineers and technicians. Kırılmaz stated that they provided the critical components of many platforms both in Turkey and abroad, and that they developed subsystems of UAV, SİHA, missiles and ammunition in particular.

Noting that they export about 20 percent of the products they produce, Kırılmaz said:

“We are conducting various activities to further develop this. Our products are preferred with their structures that can be integrated into all platforms due to their high technology and very small size. We can perform better than foreign counterparts. In this way, we are in high demand. Currently, our products are preferred over foreign products in our national platforms, mostly UAVs and missiles. The fact that our products consisting of critical components such as electronic warfare and communication systems are imported can cause problems. For this reason, it is critical that our products are produced with local and national development. "


Kırılmaz stated that they made approximately 1,5 million dollars of foreign sales last year and that they exported products to many countries including Germany, England, France, Brazil, South Korea, Italy and Pakistan.

Kırılmaz emphasized that the products they developed are at a level that can compete with the world in terms of quality and performance, “When we sell to a country, there is a demand for our other products. That's why we have ongoing exports. We develop and export products with an added value of 40-50 dollars per gram. " he spoke.

Stating that the company's products have started to be used in missile and ammunition projects in the country recently, Kırılmaz expressed that the jam-resistant “Anti-Jam” system they developed attracted great attention thanks to its high success and small dimensions.

unbreakable, close zamHe stated that they are currently developing an 8-antenna "Anti-Jam" system and that this system can be demanded on UAV and SİHA platforms with its high performance.


Stating that they also produce swarm communication systems, Kırılmaz stated that they are actively used in domestic platforms and that they can carry out all communication such as missile-UAV, UAV-UAV, UAV-ground communication with national products.

Stating that multiple platforms will be able to communicate more effectively by communicating with each other through the operation of the Unbreakable, herd concept electronic warfare system, he said, “It is important that our systems are cost-effective and small in size, modeling them to communicate with each other, in terms of being a serious power and capability. We develop new equipment suitable for new concepts and offer them to the service of our defense industry. " said.

Noting that they are working on a national positioning system independent of GPS and GNSS, Kırılmaz said:

“Here, too, our platforms will be able to present their positions with our national solutions. We started to make their first trials, we are doing our demonstrations on various flights. This system can adapt to a regional navigation with our national solutions without the need for global navigation satellites for our platforms. Thus, it will be able to fly without any GPS receiver on our UAV or missile. "


Unbreakable, Turkey, in particular the objectives of the National Space Program communications, telemetry and can offer significant help in specifying national party navigation system, "Already we have tried our level of preparedness for a specific platform, since we used them high. In fact, we aim to implement in a pilot area in the coming months. Our UAV, SİHA, missile and ammunition will be able to find their positions without the need for a foreign positioning system, and will easily reach their targets with national systems. " said.

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