Buying and Selling Used Vehicles Is Now Safer With Foundation Participation

Foundation has put its secure payment system into practice
Foundation has put its secure payment system into practice

Vakıf Participation, in the purchase and sale of second hand motor vehicles, zamIt put into practice the "Secure Payment System" that enables it to change hands instantly and securely.

Combining the sharing culture of foundations with the power of the public, Vakıf Participation, bringing a new breath to the participation finance world, cooperated with the Notaries Union of Turkey (TNB) and put into service the 'Secure Payment System' that guarantees the vehicle price and registration.

With the 'Secure Payment System', which eliminates the risk of fraud in vehicle purchases and sales carried out by notaries, the parties' cash bearing burden is also eliminated as transactions are carried out digitally.

"We are eliminating all the factors that cause concern in second hand vehicle purchase and sale"

Making a statement regarding the issue, Vakıf Participation General Manager İkram Göktaş said, “With the Secure Payment System, we eliminate all the factors that cause concern for our customers in the purchase and sale of second hand vehicles. With this arrangement, after the instruction to be initiated from our digital channels; The purchase and sale transactions of our customer who will sell and the person who will buy the vehicle can be carried out securely through our Authority. This system works by blocking the amount transferred by the buyer to the "Notaries Union of Turkey Secure Payment" account of our Institution before the transaction, and transferring the money to the seller account with the reference code from the Notaries Union of Turkey system when the sale is made. "

Emphasizing that they continue their work in the digital field uninterruptedly, Göktaş said, “We are constantly updating our technological infrastructure and implementing new applications so that our customers can perform all their transactions smoothly and securely over the digital channels they want. "We are happy to offer our customers a new initiative with the Secure Payment System in today's world, where contactless payment is gaining momentum and the understanding of cashless life is more adopted."

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