Subaru Temporarily Halts Production Due To Chip Crisis

Subaru temporarily stopped production due to jeep crisis
Subaru temporarily stopped production due to jeep crisis

Japan-based auto giant Subaru temporarily halted production due to the chip crisis in the automotive industry.

With the chip crisis affecting the world, companies in the automotive industry began to announce that they have suspended production. While the famous automotive giants announced that they came out one by one and stopped production, Subaru Yajima was added after Suzuki Motor.

Suzuki Motor stopped production

Suzuki Motor announced that it stopped production in two of its 3 factories in Japan. Suzuki said in a statement that it was decided to stop production at two plants due to the difficulties in chip supply.

Within the framework of the decision taken, production has stopped today at two Suzuki factories in the Shizuoka region. While production at the plant in Sagara completely stopped, one of the 3 production lines at the Kosai factory was shut down. The Sagara factory produced Suzuki's Swift and Solio models. In addition, some automotive giants from Turkey announced that they had stopped production because of that reason.

Suspended production in Subaru

According to the news in Reuters, Subaru Yajima stopped production between April 10-27 due to the problems in the supply of chips at the Yajima factory.

In the statement made by Subaru, it was announced that the company will continue production on all production lines at this factory as of May 10, and it was stated that there is no precise information about how the financial statements will be affected due to the interruption.

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