Renault Group Announces New Mission

renault group announced its new mission
renault group announced its new mission

Groupe Renault shared its new mission with its shareholders at the annual General Meeting held on April 23rd. Constructed together with all employees, in consultation with stakeholders and approved by the Board of Directors, the mission expresses the purpose and meaning of the Group's project in France and around the world.

With these words, the Renault Group emphasizes the meaning of its mission, which aims to serve its corporate structure, 170 000 employees, stakeholders and customers. At the heart of the mission is Renault's deep; The Group's creativity, innovativeness and technical abilities take place with its sharing stance, which is based on the human element.

"At Renault, every zamtechnology and innovation serve people; people are not into technology and innovation. This is because our main goal is to bring people closer together. This freedom also lies at the basis of today's transportation and this relationship will become stronger tomorrow. " Renault Chairman of the Board, Jean-Dominique Senard, stated that the mission-oriented approach is the key element of competitiveness.

Senard continued: “The strength of a company; It depends on the compliance of the moves and long-term dynamics with the value-oriented management style and strategy of that company. This harmony has meaningful and lasting results. These results bring high performance by providing trust, pride in belonging, motivation and commitment of stakeholders. "

The new mission of the group was shaped by a joint work. First, the working groups analyzed hundreds of interviews with operational units and senior management in many business lines in many countries. Parallel to this, analyzes were made regarding the corporate culture. In the last step of the study, together with all the data, stakeholders outside the institution (business partners, investors, NGOs, etc.) came together and the process was completed.

To strengthen this mission, Groupe Renault decided to go beyond the Stakeholders Committee and establish a Purpose Committee before the end of the year. It was decided that this committee, which consists of international individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, will inform the Board of Directors with its analysis and recommendations regarding the Group strategy.

As a result of all this process, the Renault Group's mission statement was composed as follows:  "With our innovative spirit, we will bring people closer to each other by moving the furniture further."

We believe in a progress strategy that treats everyone with respect, and is sensitive and responsible.

Since 1898, our history has been written by passionate people who have developed innovative products that are compatible with popular culture and will be embedded in life. We see mobility as a source of need and freedom. We believe that this freedom goes hand in hand with the goals of protecting our planet and living more harmoniously together. That's why we are determined to limit our impact on climate and resources and to make mobility more inclusive and safer for all.

We are brave and we look to the future with optimism.

Everyone can find their place in our institution and participate in a common adventure. We are proud of our diversity of employees, our French roots and our worldwide presence; we believe these make us more open to the world. The constructive relationships we build with our alliance and our business partners make us stronger. Our innovative spirit has moved us forward from the very beginning; It enabled us to create value and bring people closer together by foreseeing the transportation needs of the future.

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