IEDs Trapped by PKK Terrorists with Weapons and Ammunition are Cleansed

The cleaning of hand-made explosives trapped with weapons and ammunition belonging to PKK terrorists continues in the Claw-Şimşek and Claçe-Yıldırım operations launched by our heroic Turkish Armed Forces in Metina and Avashin-Basyan regions in the north of Iraq. During the search and screening activities in the region;

  • 1 remote controlled Doçka anti-aircraft gun
  • 85 anti-aircraft ammunition
  • 1 7.62 mm PKMS machine gun and 150 ammunition
  • 3 AK-47 infantry rifles
  • 1 RPG 7 Rocket Launcher and 7 ammunition
  • 4 shipping cartridges
  • 2 x 20 kg combined IED with alpha fire mechanism
  • 7 IEDs connected to Alpha fire system
  • 1 pressure relief IYP
  • Un-trapped and newly released IED assemblies in rock cavity
  • 5 mortar ammunition
  • 6 pressure mechanisms were seized and destroyed by our METI teams.

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