Pandemic Affects Cardiovascular Diseases Seriously


Pointing out that the pandemic process affects cardiovascular diseases, experts state that the most important factor determining heart health is living conditions. Experts who recommend outdoor physical activities on days when there are no restrictions recommend walking for 20 minutes at least four days a week. Noting that the consumption of carbohydrate-based food has increased with the pandemic, experts recommend avoiding this diet and eating mostly vegetables and fruits.

In order to draw attention to cardiovascular diseases and to raise awareness, the second week of April every year is called Heart Health Week. Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı made evaluations regarding heart health during the pandemic period in his statement due to Heart Health Week.

Heart patients could not find treatment options

Emphasizing that the pandemic period has seriously affected heart diseases, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “In times of intense epidemic, people avoided going to the hospital. Since patients with coronavirus were mainly admitted to intensive care units, individuals with heart disease could not find the necessary treatment opportunities in the early periods. Although they have started to find a little more opportunities in the future, they hesitate to go to the hospital for fear of getting Covid-19. " said.

Lifestyle is the most important factor in heart health

Stating that there is a significant increase in risk factors, Baltalı said, “Cardiovascular diseases are a disease that is seen mostly in middle-aged men after the age of 40-45. The risk increases with age. The most important factor in preventing this disease is lifestyle. Lifestyle is divided into two as regular physical activity and healthy diet. The inability of people to go out due to the bans caused by the virus and the inability to come into close contact with people out of fear reduced physical activity too much. same zamAt the moment, people mostly stay at home and cook.” he said.

Obesity patients are at risk

Stating that there are many changes in the way people eat, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı, “Carbohydrate tendency and bread sales increased. Therefore, people started to get more fat and unhealthy diet. While this situation increased the effect of cardiovascular diseases, there was a huge increase in the frequency of obesity all over the world. Problems caused by obesity seem to increase cardiovascular disease. Since the Covid-19 picture is severe in obesity patients, they are taken into more intensive care and die. We can say that the pandemic increases the cardiovascular diseases. " said.

Regular physical activity should be done

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı, 'First of all, there are no bans. zamIt is necessary to do physical activities in the open air at times.' He concluded by saying:

“I recommend walking for 20 minutes at least four days a week as an exercise. If there is pain, they should not hesitate to see a doctor. Nutrition also needs to be paid attention to. Mediterranean type of vegetables and fruits should be eaten. Carbohydrates should be consumed as little as possible. Vitamins are not very important for cardiovascular disease. Even though vitamin D is taken seriously, I don't think it is needed. "

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