Pandemi Could Not Stop The Automotive and Spare Parts Industry

The pandemic could not stop the automotive and spare parts industry
The pandemic could not stop the automotive and spare parts industry

In the pandemic that alarmed the whole world and brought many industries to a halt, the automotive industry did not cut gas. Although there was a pause in the first period, both the normalization in the supply chain and the acceleration of the purchasing processes, the automotive and automotive spare parts industry managed to become one of the locomotive sectors in the pandemic.

Being among the global leaders in technology, OSRAM continued its successful rise by integrating the changes experienced during the pandemic period with innovative approaches. said the global process has become the norm, and in the last 4 months the increase in take a deep breath of the automotive sector OSRAM Turkey Automotive Sales Manager Can Drive Although the pandemic conditions compared to last year double-digit stated growth, they said.

Spare parts industry grew by up to 2020% in 15

Stating that the shock experienced by the automotive industry between April - May 2020, especially in the developing regions, he quickly overcame; Turkey OSRAM Automotive Sales Manager Can Drive; "In contrast to developments in the world of new and second-hand vehicle market in Turkey and accordingly it has experienced the most active period of the automotive parts industry in 2020 and last year. Turkey car sales reached 57,6 610.109 units increased by 24,3 percent compared to the previous year. In the same period, vehicle sales in Europe decreased by 15 percent. Growth in the parts industry reached XNUMX%. As OSRAM, with our high capacity in the increase of vehicle production, we provide production for vehicle headlight and stop manufacturers. zamWe gave support to make it happen instantly. " said.

Reached high sales volume in the spare parts industry in July

Stating that everyone's priority has changed with the pandemic process and the use of individual vehicles has increased in this process, Sürücü; “People wanted to travel with their own vehicles and stay safe to avoid the spread of the virus. With the reflection of the demand, which was delayed in the past 2 years, to the market together with health concerns, there was a serious increase in demand. Along with the increase in second hand vehicle sales, there was a dynamism in the spare parts sector. Since the drivers who bought the vehicles wanted to renew the spare parts of their vehicles, high sales volumes were reached in the spare parts sector, especially in July.At this point, battery chargers for vehicles, filter technologies that clean the air in the vehicle, air compressors and much more vehicle accessories that make life easier have come into the interest of consumers. . By the end of the year, Osram increased its product range and started to offer products to the vehicle-related accessory sector beyond lighting. " said.

Many innovations met with consumers for a healthy in-car and safe driving experience.

In parallel with the developments all over the world to meet the changing needs and expectations of consumers said they continued at full speed innovation OSRAM Automotive Sales Manager Can Turkey Drive; “At the end of the year, we saw a zero demand for automotive and spare parts that paused again with zero automotive demand and curfew restrictions on the weekend. It zamWe carried out projects focusing on the new products we will offer so that our customers can travel safely on every road. We entered a new category by 2021 in order to respond to the health expectation created by the pandemic, and to maximize safety both in the vehicle and on the road. While cleaning the air in the vehicle with Air Zing Mini, we provide safe driving with the TIRE inflate, and with the BATTERY care family, we aim to be a solution partner to the vehicle owners for the battery charging problem in the vehicles. This series will grow by diversifying with different products day by day and we will ensure that our customers can safely go with OSRAM products on every road. " said.

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