Meteksan Ends in Helicopter Obstacle Detection System

It has been announced that the laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System signed between SSB and Meteksan has come to an end and will be introduced at IDEF'21.

According to the newspaper published by Meteksan Defense, the laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System has come to an end. It was stated that with the termination of the Active Helicopter Obstacle Detection System (HETS) design, the work for the completion of the platform integration and flight tests in the first half of 2021 was continued at full speed. It was also reported that the said works were carried out in coordination with the 5th Main Maintenance Factory Directorate and the Land Aviation Command.

Also in the news published; It was stated that Meteksan Defense continues to work on sensitive sensor structures, signal processing hardware and embedded software required by LIDAR systems, as well as high-level competencies in laser production operating in different bands, high efficiency, high beam quality, different power ranges, and different modulation. In the news, "Combining these competencies with the Active HETS Project, we can provide pilots with the appropriate warnings in case of collision with wire/obstacle, which has an important place in the accident breakdown of helicopters. zamWe are implementing a system that enables instant delivery."Expressions were used.

Thanks to the project in question; With the development of a national system with low power consumption and low weight, which can be integrated into different platforms, especially existing and new generation general purpose helicopters, the LIDAR / LADAR infrastructure that can be used in a wide variety of applications will be acquired.

"Wait for IDEF'21"

It was announced that the laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System developed by Meteksan will be introduced at IDEF'21. The statement was made by Burak Akbaş, Meteksan Defense International Sales, Marketing and Corporate Reputation Director.

In a statement made on his Twitter account, Akbaş said, “The warnings regarding the collision with the wire/obstacle, which has an important place in the helicopters accidents, should be given to the pilots. zamPresidency of Defense Industries in 2019 We have come to an end with the laser based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System we signed with. IDEF2021Wait for."He used expressions.

Helicopter Obstacle Detection System

Meteksan Defense, which saw the deficiencies in Helicopter Obstacle Detection Systems in 2006-2007 and started negotiations with SSM, was authorized by the Defense Industry Presidency for the development of a laser-based system.

A 1550nm fiber laser based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System was designed and developed by Meteksan Defense in order to increase the low flight navigation safety of air platforms.

Within the scope of system development studies, the 1cm thick high voltage line was sampled 1,5 times per second from a distance of 100,000 km, and phase-compatible detection techniques were also tried. With the FMCW Lidar technique, it has been shown that Doppler velocity can be determined with cm / sec precision from a distance of 1 km.

The system can detect the wire of the high voltage line from a distance between 700 m and 2500 m depending on the weather conditions and the speed of the platform.

Source: defenceturk

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