Contract Signed for KU-BANT Satellite Communication System-2 Project

Within the scope of meeting the Ku-Band satellite communication needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, the TSK Ku Band Satellite Communication System-2 Project Agreement was signed between the Defense Industry Presidency and ASELSAN.

Providing important capability gains to the Turkish Armed Forces in cross-border operations, in all military environmental conditions within the satellite coverage area, in IP-based, uninterrupted and secure communication, safe sound, thanks to the portable and ship satellite communication systems where satellite antennas to be used within the scope of the project will be nationally designed and manufactured is aimed. In addition, it will be ensured that the foreign dependency existing in these systems will be eliminated.

The project also includes the activities of increasing the existing capacity of the Satellite Communication Control Centers and meeting other needs, moving the satellite terminals and related equipment currently located in the Main Satellite Communication Control Center and operating in Ku-Band to the building provided by the user, and transferring the antenna signals.

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