Winter Tire Application Ended As Of April 1! So How To Store Winter Tire?

Winter tire application ended as of April so how to store winter tire
Winter tire application ended as of April so how to store winter tire

Michelin Group in Turkey under the roof in 52 provinces located in providing professional tire and car maintenance service with service points up to 150 Euromaster, summer and winter tires to its customers with up-efficient tires hotel the next season guarantees the best storage service.

Calling vehicle users right after the end of winter tire application as of April 1, 2021, Euromaster invites you to store winter tires in a light-free, dry and cool environment until the next period, in line with technical requirements. Preferred by fleets and individual users of all brands, Euromaster service points store the tires of an average of 33.000 customers every year within the “Master Hotel”, an all-inclusive tire hotel.

The winter tire application, which is mandatory for commercial vehicles in our country and recommended by Euromaster for the safety of all vehicle owners, ended as of April 1, 2021. Providing both tire and vehicle maintenance services under the roof of the Michelin Group, Euromaster also stores the winter tires of vehicle users under the most suitable conditions with the tire hotel service it provides. Euromaster, which is also the primary choice of fleets using tires from different brands with a capacity of 180.000 tires, stores the tires of an average of 33.000 customers annually within the “Master Hotel”, which is an all-inclusive tire hotel. Euromaster; While addressing the tires of fleets and individual users of all brands with its light-free, dry and cool storage areas suitable for technical requirements, maintenance operations are carried out with expert technicians.

Euromaster tire hotel service that gives information about the hotel Master Euromaster Turkey General Manager Jean Marc Penalba, rubber tires specifying the functions of these lapses can be used for 10 years from date of manufacture zamHe emphasized that he would lose understanding. “This period will be even shorter if the tires have been used in severe conditions and the storage conditions are not taken care of,” Penalba said. Likewise, as of April 1, 2021, vehicle users and fleet owners need to keep their winter tires in the most suitable areas. As Euromaster, we extend the life of the tires with our tire hotels that comply with technical requirements and carry out their maintenance with our expert team. widely to reach many points in Turkey tire storage services we provide, "he said.

Extra tire guarantee from Euromaster!

Among the privileged services offered by Euromaster, there is an additional tire guarantee. Euromaster covers 1 percent of the price of the new tire within the scope of the additional tire warranty, which covers non-repairable user errors such as entering the pit, hitting the pavement and cheek balloon for a period of 70 year. For tire damages that can be repaired, the repair fee is also covered by Euromaster.

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