Winter Months Are Back Vehicle Maintenance and Control is a Must

The winter months are over, vehicle maintenance and control is required.
The winter months are over, vehicle maintenance and control is required.

AutoGrouppe, which provides guaranteed service with its dealer network for cars and light commercial vehicles from all brands, listed the maintenance recommendations required for vehicles that are worn out in the unfavorable road-climatic conditions of the winter months and will be on the road more with the arrival of spring.

Indicating the importance of maintenance for drivers to prepare their vehicles for safe journeys before the summer season, AutoGrouppe draws attention to the points that need to be checked from vehicle fluids to belt-hose assemblies. Making a statement on the subject, AutoGrouppe Chairman Barış Özkan said, “Spring months; Ideal for detecting any minor problems in the vehicle before they grow and compromise driving safety zammoments. Determining the problems that may occur during the winter months left behind; It is necessary for both driver and passenger safety and vehicle health ”.

The low temperatures, snow, rain and icy conditions that occur in the winter season make driving difficult, but may reveal some signs of wear and tear in vehicles. AutoGrouppe, which brings an innovative approach to the automotive after-sales sector with its guaranteed service, drew attention to the importance of detecting these symptoms in order not to cause major problems later on. In this context, AutoGrouppe lists what drivers should pay attention to during spring maintenance as follows;

Change your engine oil and oil filter

Changing the engine oil and oil filter at the intervals recommended in your vehicle's manual is one of the first conditions to keep the engine running smoothly. Neglecting to change engine oil can result in poor engine performance, higher fuel consumption, or even serious engine damage.

Check vehicle fluids

When you change your oil and oil filter, you should also check the vehicle fluids. Steering, brake, gearbox, antifreeze and glass fluids should be increased to the required level. Same zamIt should also be determined whether the oil and liquid level decreases are caused by a leak.

Check your battery

Since low temperatures mean more energy loss, you should have your vehicle's battery charge level checked. You should also make sure that the battery connections are tight and free from rust.

Replace wiper blades

After winter conditions, the wiper blades may be torn and the wiper blades may be damaged. You should renew your wiper mechanism in order to avoid difficult situations in spring rains that are repeated frequently and reduce visibility.

Have belts and hoses checked

Low temperatures can harden or damage rubbers. For this reason, it is important to check your vehicle belts and hoses for damage. Cracks, blistering, hardening and softening may occur in hoses, as well as looseness, cracks and wear on belts. If belts need to be changed, the tensioner and pulleys may also need to be changed to prevent the new belt from slipping.

Repair your windshield

Cracks may occur on the windshields of vehicles used on icy, sandy and stony roads. Although it may not seem very important at first, extra damage to the windshield can reduce the effectiveness of the seat belt, airbags and ceiling balance in the event of a possible accident. This endangers the safety of the driver and passenger. Therefore, if there is a crack in your windshield, have it repaired or replaced quickly.

Check your lighting

The lighting of your vehicle is important for both road safety and traffic situations. If your lighting system is faulty, other drivers may not be able to receive your message that you want to stop or return.

Change your filters

There are many filters that are important for the long life of your vehicle and that need to be replaced regularly. Check the engine air filter, cabin air filter and fuel filter for damage or clogging and replace if necessary. The control and replacement of the air conditioning pollen filter is also important in terms of not breathing in a bacterial environment at low temperatures in hot weather.

Check your tires

Check the pressure of all your tires on a monthly basis, including the spare tire, and ensure that the optimum pressure recommended in your owner's manual is maintained. Replace your winter tires and check your tires for uneven wear, cuts or cracks in the sidewalls.

Determining the problems is necessary for both human and vehicle health!

Emphasizing that the controls to be made during seasonal changes are as important as periodic maintenance, AutoGrouppe Chairman Barış Özkan said, “Spring months; ideal for detecting any minor problems before they grow and compromise driving safety zammoments. Determining the problems that may occur during the winter months left behind; necessary for both driver and passenger safety and vehicle health ”. Emphasizing that the maintenance and repair services they offer as AutoGrouppe ensure that the vehicles can navigate safely on the roads, Özkan said, “Our innovative approach, our technological infrastructure and our guaranteed service in authorized service quality providing cost advantage zamwe made a difference in an instant. In the 5 months that have passed since our establishment, we reveal this difference with our dealer network, whose number has reached 20. In addition, we expect the physical areas of 6 dealers to be completed. At the end of 2021, we continue our investments to reach 50 dealers in total and host 160 thousand customers in total ”.

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