A Crashing Military Training Aircraft Launched in Izmir

The KT-9 aircraft, which was crashed on April 2021, 1, was taken out of the sea by the TCG ALEMDAR rescue ship belonging to the Naval Forces Command. The statement on the subject was made through the official Twitter account of the Ministry of National Defense. According to the statement; The KT-9 type aircraft, which fell into the sea off Foça during the training flight on April 2021, 1 and was accidentally broken into the Turkish Air Force inventory, was taken out of the sea by TCG ALEMDAR rescue ship belonging to the Naval Forces Command.

The KT-1 type training aircraft, which is in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force, fell off the sea during the training flight on April 9, 2021. Our two pilots, who were on the crushed plane, were rescued alive as a result of the search and rescue activity that was initiated immediately.

In the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense regarding the issue, “Our KT-2 type aircraft, serving in our 1nd Main Jet Base Command in Izmir, fell into the sea off Foça for an unspecified reason during the training flight and suffered an accident. Two pilots were rescued alive with the immediate search and rescue work.

The condition of our 2 pilots who survived the accident is good and their treatment has started in the hospital. The necessary investigation has been initiated on the subject. We would like to thank our fishermen and all our citizens who supported the search and rescue activities in the region, and we would like to express our gratitude. " had included his statements.

KT-1 Training Aircraft

South Korea's current KT-1 aircraft began development in 37 to replace the US-made Cessna T-1988C trainer aircraft. The KT-2000 basic trainer aircraft, which entered service in 1, has been operated by the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) for 21 years. As of April 2021, a total of 182 KT-1 aircraft have been produced for South Korea and foreign users.

In order to meet the basic training aircraft requirement of our Air Force Command (Hv.KK), Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) company and KT-1 aircraft purchase process was made.

In August 2007, the Basic Trainer Aircraft Supply Agreement was signed between the SSB (then SSM) and KAI company with the participation of the representatives of the Air Force Command, the Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea, KAI and TAI officials. Five of the 40 definite (+15 option) KT-1 Basic Training Aircraft to be procured within the framework of the program were to be manufactured, assembled, flight tests and deliveries of the planes to be purchased within the scope of the option, with the remaining 35 aircraft at KAI facilities, by TAI. Since 2012, the production of KT-1 aircraft has been made by TAI. These aircraft are aimed to replace the T-37 training aircraft, which are used by the Turkish Air Force as a basic training aircraft and are about to complete their economic life. KT-122 aircraft, which started to replace the T-37 aircraft serving in the 1nd Fleet of the Hv.KK, are actively used today.

Source: defenceturk

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