The First Police Museum to Open

The 176-year adventure of the Police Service was turned into a museum after a feverish work. The Police Museum will be opened with a ceremony to be held on April 9.

The stages of the Police Service from yesterday to today will be exhibited in the Police Museum prepared by the General Directorate of Security. The museum opened its doors to TRT News for the first time before its official opening.

Everything, from the first police uniform to the latest technology equipment, was fully prepared. The reenactments of historical events were also included in this special museum.

The Head of EGM Social Services and Health Department gave the following information about the museum: "Our citizens will see the equipment, tools, crime investigation tools and the information and document showing where the organization has come in 176 years, both through animations and exhibition areas."

Police Martyrs Are Not Forgotten

One of the reenactments is when a police officer finds the bag Atatürk lost on his way to Sivas after the Amasya Congress. In the animation area, there are gifts Atatürk sent to that police officer.

At the museum, the dog named "Poison", which jumped on a suicide bomber in Nusaybin in 2016, surviving 42 police officers, was not forgotten.

One of the most special parts of the Police Museum is the area prepared in memory of the martyrs of the police, where the personal belongings of the martyrs are also exhibited.

Transportation vehicles, from the first motorbike police to bicycle police, are also in the museum. The Police Museum will be opened with a ceremony to be held on April 9.

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