Giant Cooperation in the Automotive Sector

huge cooperation in the automotive industry
huge cooperation in the automotive industry

Two Turkish companies, Dinamo Consulting and Innoway Consulting, became business partners with Global Auto Industry, the worldwide online platform of the automotive industry.

Providing global and local solutions in Project Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Dinamo Consulting and Innoway Consulting signed a partnership agreement with Global Auto Industry, which includes more than 1 million auto industry professionals and 35.000 automotive industry companies. Global Auto Industry is known as one of the world's largest online platforms in the automotive industry.

Dinamo Consulting Partner scope and Innoway Consulting, Global Auto Industry, Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A), Turkey will work together for global, including the exclusive basis.

The Agreement Turkey, underlining that it is very important for the automotive industry Dinamo Consulting Co-Founder, Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Project Finance Specialist Fatih Quran and Innoway Consulting Founder Süheyla Baybal is, in their joint statement, "First of all globally through an online platform that giant of the automotive industry We are very happy to be a partner. global with our work and we can say Turkey provides great added value to the automotive industry. This partnership means needed to attract investors from abroad to Turkey, as well as Turkey, we aim correctly routing global investments of investors. The scope of our cooperation includes business partnerships under the roof of M&A and technology and know-how transfers within the scope of purchasing. We also think we can contribute to better promotion abroad of the automotive industry of great importance for Turkey.

There is a great technological change and transformation in the automotive sector, independent of the pandemic crisis. We can easily state that this process will leave its mark on at least the next ten years. It is inevitable that change will affect all players, big and small, and businesses will need to make large-scale investments to adapt to the new situation. We expect that some of the investments will be in the form of fixed investments in the form of machinery, equipment and equipment, and the remaining part will be in the form of intellectual capital, primarily technology transfer and research and development investments. It will not be possible for most enterprises, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the large-scale investments required by the change process alone and to maintain their competitive power in the new economy. For this reason, a significant increase in company acquisitions and mergers will occur in the coming years in order to reach larger volumes and benefit from economies of scale, reduce costs, save on R&D costs, provide technology transfer, manage sales and distribution channels more efficiently and open up new markets we are waiting. " they said.

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