Do Weather Conditions Cause Eye Diseases?

Changing environmental factors and difficult working conditions with each passing day bring eye problems with it. Problems such as itching in the eyes, stinging, burning, sensitivity to light and blurred vision can be the harbinger of a serious eye disease.

Today, dry eye is one of these ailments. Dry eye disease, which causes eye burning, stinging, redness and blurred vision, can be treated with the LipiScan device in the Dry Eye Unit within the body of Dünyagöz and can be treated with modern and lasting technological methods such as LipiFlow. Assoc. Dr. Efekan Coşkunseven explains the factors that trigger this disease and the LipiFlow treatment method.

Dry eye, which occurs with symptoms such as burning, stinging, redness, grit, eye fatigue and difficulty in using contact lenses, can cause serious problems if not treated. Assoc. Dr. Efekan Coşkunseven says that dry eye is increased by drastically changing working conditions and environmental factors. Many situations such as exposure to digital screens for long hours and ventilation preferences of working environments can trigger dry eyes.

Weather conditions reduce the moisture in the eyes and increase the feeling of dryness in the eye.

Dryness of the eyes, which reduces the quality of life with problems such as pain and burning sensation in the eye, can lead to serious eye problems in the long term. It can be seen frequently, especially in postmenopausal women, after cataract surgery and with rheumatic diseases. Stating that patients with symptoms should apply to a center where tests and treatments are performed for the treatment of dry eye, Assoc. Dr. Efekan Coşkunseven says that this disease can be prevented with improved treatment methods.

Medications may not be enough, different treatment methods are available

First-line treatment for dry eye, which can be a chronic disease as well as environmental factors; Stating that they are medical treatment artificial tears and artificial tear gels at night, Assoc. Dr. Efekan Coşkunseven says that in unanswered cases, immunosuppressive drops that should be used for up to 6 months in medical treatment can be used, but in case of persistent eye dryness, the outer entrance holes of the tear discharge channels can be blocked with temporary or permanent plugs. Assoc. Dr. Efekan Coşkunseven says that it is possible to achieve successful results in this disease with FDA-approved treatment methods in cases where medical treatment and plugs do not provide sufficient results.

Assoc. Dr. Coşkunseven “Dry eyes can develop due to personal reasons as well as a disease triggered by environmental factors. This discomfort, which is caused by the long-term exposure of the eye to the screen of technological devices such as computers and smartphones, typically manifests with a feeling of stinging, burning, and foreign body in the eye. The disease, which increases its severity with eye pain, itching, burning sensation in the eyes and reddening symptoms in advanced stages, seriously affects the activity and quality of life of the person. The quality of the tear layer, which is of great importance when it comes to cataract surgeries, can be made healthier and more active with innovative treatments. The Dünyagöz Dry Eye Unit, which applies FDA-approved treatment methods, instills confidence in patients in this sense. The newest of these methods is LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation treatment. It is a very safe method to first heat the oil glands on the inside of the lids up to 42.5 degrees with a very small apparatus that is attached to the eyelids without damaging the eyes, and then evacuating the channels with small squeezes. "The treatment, which has no side effects on the body or eyes, enables the glands to be activated by removing the obstruction in the tear ducts."

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