Disabled Students Get Winged!

The "I Have Wings To Fly" project, which was put into practice in cooperation with the Kırıkkale Governorship and Koru Health Group, for students with neurological and physical disorders and who cannot go to school, started to bear fruit. In the first step of the project, it is aimed to integrate 4 disabled students treated in Koru Hospitals into social life.

A plaque ceremony was held at Koru Hospital within the scope of the first leg of the "I Have Wings To Fly" project. Speaking at the ceremony, the District Governor of Kırıkkale Province, Bahşılı, Erdem Karanfil gave information about the details of the project.

"The lives of special students will be easier"

Pointing out that the project facilitates the lives of special students, Governor Erdem Karanfil said, "With this project, which was put into practice so that they hold on to life, the students who were educated at home in the 2020-2021 academic year were identified, and their needs were determined by visiting their homes. he spoke. Governor Erdem Karanfil stated that with the contributions of benevolent citizens, a shuttle bus was provided for the needs of these students and for their treatment, and said, “In order for our special students to be integrated into social life, equestrian therapy training was given in the horse farm serving in our district. In addition, sports activities were carried out within the scope of cooperation with the federation for the disabled. " said.

"Sustainable project"

Emphasizing that significant progress has been made for students with disabilities in the 30-session physical therapy rehabilitation process with the cooperation with Koru Hospital, District Governor Erdem Karanfil continued his words as follows; “The rehabilitation process has been initiated, and positive progress has been observed in the physical development of our special students as a result of the treatments. Taking into account the characteristics of our special students, activities were carried out to eliminate the physical and mental problems they might experience, and their social lives were contributed. Social workers have planned studies and contributed to the sustainability of the project. " said.

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