How Much is the Retirement Holiday Bonus? Zam Will it happen? What is the Holiday Jackpot ZamWill you go to bed at the moment?

how much is the retirement bonus zam will it be? What is the Ramadan Eid bonus? zamthe moment will be given
how much is the retirement bonus zam will it be? What is the Ramadan Eid bonus? zamthe moment will be given

The date on which the retirement holiday bonus will be paid has been a matter of curiosity by millions of retirees and their relatives with the arrival of Ramadan 2021. More than 12.3 million SSK and Bağ-Kur retirees will receive 1000 TL Eid and Eid al-Adha bonuses this year. On the other hand, those who apply for pension this month will be able to see the bonuses in their accounts. So what are the Ramadan and Eid al-Adha bonuses to the accounts? zamwill the moment go to bed?

The holiday bonus application has become an important additional income for retirees. Retirees are no longer just zam He wonders not only their periods, but also their bonus dates. Before the Ramadan and Sacrifice holidays, not only current retirees but also new retirees benefit from the bonus of one thousand lira.

How Much is Retirement Holiday Bonus 2021

The 2018 TL retirement bonus, which was first introduced in 1.000, has been deposited into accounts at the same amount for 3 periods. This year, at the rate of inflation, to retirement holiday bonuses zam and the amount is expected to be deposited in the accounts as 1.083 TL

Is Retirement Holiday Bonus Payment Date Determined?

As it is known, retirement holiday bonus is paid before eid. What is your payment this year zamAlthough it is not officially announced that it will be made at the moment, considering the date of Ramadan, it is estimated that the payments will be made in the first 10 days of May.

Retirement Ramadan Feast Bonus

  • Ramadan Feast: 13-15 May
  • Expected bonus date: May 10-12

Retirement Feast of Sacrifice Bonus

  • Sacrifice Holiday: 20-23 July
  • Expected bonus date: July 12-19

How Much Will Be Paid To Whom?

Retired: 1.000 TL

Death pension (75%): 750 TL

Death pension (50%): 500 TL

Death pension (25%): 250 TL

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