Supports Blood Donation Campaign During EGO Pandemic Process

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate supported the “Blood Donation and Stem Cell Sample Collection Campaign” initiated in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent for safe blood supply due to the decrease in blood stocks. The blood donation campaign will continue between April 1-8 at the Regional Directorates of the EGO General Directorate Bus Operation, Transportation Planning and Rail System and Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Departments.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality gave full support to the blood donation campaign organized by the Turkish Red Crescent in order to raise awareness in the society about blood donation due to the decrease in blood stocks during the pandemic process.

EGO General Directorate Regional Directorates will host the “Blood Donation and Stem Cell Sample Collection Campaign” organized by the Turkish Red Crescent between April 1-8, 2021.


Stating that they will continue to support the blood donation campaign of the Turkish Red Crescent periodically, EGO Deputy General Manager Zafer Tekbudak gave the following information about the campaign he participated with EGO Deputy General Manager Halit Özdilek and EGO Service Improvement and Corporate Development Department Head Ayten Gök:

“Our colleagues in EGO 2nd Region are making a great effort every day to bring people back to their schools, jobs, homes and loved ones. Today, our staff are among us to donate blood by making another sacrifice. Saving a person's life is a lofty duty. When we give blood, the blood cells in our body are renewed and it also contributes to the elimination of ailments such as headache, high blood pressure, stress and fatigue. Blood donation rate has decreased during the pandemic process. If we participate sufficiently, we will contribute to blood donation. "

Turkish Red Crescent Regional Blood Center Director Dr. Murat Güler spoke as follows:

“We are happy to cooperate with the Metropolitan Municipality as the Turkish Red Crescent. There is a serious decrease in the rate of blood donation due to the pandemic, but our people started to come to our blood centers after the sensitive call was made. Blood stocks decreased, but thanks to these campaigns, we started to increase the stocks. We anticipate that we will experience an increase in our blood donation rate with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality. "


Employees of the General Directorate of EGO showed great interest in the blood donation campaign, which was organized to increase the blood stock, especially during the epidemic process, and expressed their thoughts as follows:

-Uğur Fabric (Spotter in Vehicle Maintenance Department): “I am happy to donate blood to benefit people. I donate blood regularly and I recommend that everyone donate blood voluntarily and act sensitively. "

-Adnan Erdogan (EGO Staff): “I am fulfilling my human duty and giving life to someone. The cooperation of our municipality with the Red Crescent also encouraged us more to donate blood. "

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