The Key to Combating Depression is Hidden in You

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Hilal Aydın Özcan, who continues to serve her clients with individual, family and couple therapies, helps everyone struggling with depression to have a happy life.

Hilal Aydın Özcan, who made it possible to treat mental illnesses thanks to the psychotherapy she gave to her clients in Hilal Psychological Consultancy, is guided by her statements on the way to cope with depression. The first steps to get rid of depression, which is among the realities of daily life and affects more people in pandemic conditions, are taken with the guidance and assistance of Özcan.

"Knowing the reasons is the beginning of the road that leads to results"

Hilal Aydın Özcan, who defines depression, which is a mental disorder that is very common in the world and does not make any difference in gender, age, social status, as "a state of deep unhappiness", states that the most important factor required to cope with depression is the "cause". Referring to the importance of honestly looking at himself and his conditions and making an assessment in the step to be taken for the correct diagnosis and correct treatment in the journey of combating depression, Özcan says “Knowing the reasons is the beginning of the road that leads to results”.

"Despair must be overcome in order to cope with depression"

Hilal Aydın Özcan, who stated that many people who are afraid of the “depression treatment” label despite being voiced and do not want to use drugs, suffer from a physical illness, explains the reason for this with the fear of being judged and labeled. Özcan points out the fact that “helplessness can be learned” as another very effective condition that is thought to cause depression apart from this situation, and underlines that some of the people with depression have learned about helplessness in their past. Emphasizing that many people who learn about helplessness fall into despair of the events they experienced in the previous years of their lives, the expert clinical psychologist says, "The real helplessness we sometimes experience in our lives and the learned helplessness state are not the same thing."

Drawing attention to the importance of overcoming desperation in order to cope with depression, Hilal Aydın Özcan states that just like desperation, hoping, not giving up and being determined can be learned. Saying that the solution keys are the same in many issues in life, Özcan lists them as the energy, ability to find solutions and patience in reaching the result.

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