Headache Among Symptoms of Covid 19 May Be an Early Warning

While the loss of taste and smell is among the most known symptoms of Covid 19, headaches can also be among the early symptoms. Private Adatıp Istanbul Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Koçer explained the features that distinguish headaches that can be seen in COVID 19 from other types of headaches.

With the introduction of Covid 19 into our lives, most of our daily lives zamRelatively mild symptoms such as runny nose, itchy throat and back pain started to take on a different meaning. Even the slightest symptom brings to mind the question of 'wonder'. Headaches, which are among the common complaints about health, can also cause different confusion during this period. Private Adatıp Istanbul Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Koçer stated that the exact characteristics of Covid 19 headaches are currently not fully defined, but that a few features can be distinguished from other headaches. Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Koçer; “After having COVID 19, there may be some patients whose headache complaints do not go away even after a long time. While in some patients severe headache lasts for a few days, it can continue for months in some patients. " said.

Headaches caused by COVID 19 are generally;

  • Moderate to severe intensity,
  • Not only on one side of the head, but on both sides,
  • It causes a feeling of pressurized pain, pulsating,
  • That can get worse when bent,
  • It can last more than 72 hours,
  • It may have properties such as pain relievers that are not very effective.

To alleviate your headache caused by COVID 19;

  • Use the medication recommended by your doctor.
  • Apply a cold compress; Applying a cold compress to your forehead can help relieve your headache.
  • Try a light massage; Gently massaging your forehead or temples can ease your symptoms.
  • Try to close your eyes and rest as much as possible.

Headache after COVID 19 Vaccine

Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Koçer stated that after the COVID 19 vaccine, some side effects such as fatigue, fever, pain in the area where the vaccine was applied, redness and headache can be seen, but these effects usually end within 48 hours. Koçer stated that it would be a more correct approach to evaluate headaches that occur after vaccination and do not disappear within 48 hours by a specialist.

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