Reasons Affecting Children's Success!


Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. If a child is unsuccessful, he or she is often blamed for not trying, but the right approach and support of the family is essential for the child's success.

Do not expect your child to be successful by emphasizing his failures, your expectation will make your child feel inadequate and anxious, as well as reinforcing the idea that he is a failed person.

Although emphasizing the negativities may seem like a way for your child to learn from mistakes; By being belittled, humiliated, or compared to each other, no child can be confident in himself, and no zamHe cannot believe it at once, because in order to believe this, first of all, parents must believe.

Did your negative words to your child really contribute to your child's success? On the contrary, you know that it didn't work at all. Your child has begun to distance himself from you in a reluctant, unhappy and depressed mood.

So now try to motivate your child by highlighting their positive qualities. Strengthen your self-schemes with your appreciation by saying motivated phrases (You can, you can win, you can succeed…). With your positive words, encourage the fears that he cannot confront and the avoidance behaviors he shows, and make him believe that he can do anything he wants to.

But first of all, pay attention to these 2 things; First, start with what your child can do, not what they have trouble doing, so that the child first realizes that he can do it, second, gradually ask your child a click more than he can do so that your child zamunderstand, improve yourself.

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