Record Participation in the BOTAV Rally Bodrum Race

Record participation in BOTAV Rally Bodrum Race
Record participation in BOTAV Rally Bodrum Race

BOTAV Rally Bodrum, the first race of 2021 Demir Berberoğlu Season and Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup, will take place on 10-11 April with the participation of 84 cars and 168 athletes with the highest participation in recent years.

Bodrum Promotion Foundation by Karya Automobile Sports Club (BOTAV) and Bodrum Municipality in collaboration with the Sports Betting Castrol, Evofo to KFC, Oasis in Bodrum, Salt Life, Russia-Turkey Business Council, Forever Hotel Polat Wales Water TED basement College, Lujo Hotel The rally, organized with the contributions of Pirelli, Toyscar Bodrum, Fora Vehicle Tracking, Telsan and Era Outdoor, will start on April 10th with the start ceremony at Myndos Gate at 18.30.

The organization, in which TED Bodrum College will be used as the service area and rally center, will start at 11:08 on Sunday morning, April 00, and end with the award ceremony to be held on the finish podium at 6:17 after passing 30 special stages in the Yaliciftlik-Kızılağaç region.

All developments in the rally will be broadcast on the KAROSK BODRUM YouTube channel with live broadcasts from the stages between 11:08 and 30:18 on Sunday, April 30.

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