Fuel Stations Compete for the Environment

Fuel stations compete for the environment
Fuel stations compete for the environment

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on environmental investments in order to make Bursa a healthier and more livable city, organizes an "Environment friendly green station" competition to encourage energy saving and environmental projects.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is organizing an Environment Friendly Green Station Competition on the World Environment Day in order to increase awareness on the production of environmental projects such as promoting clean energy and energy saving by establishing a Zero Waste Management System at fuel, LPG, CNG sales stations. . The Metropolitan Municipality, which has the authorization and inspection authority for the fuel, LPG and CNG sales stations within the scope of the second class non-sanitary enterprise, includes fuel stations and recreation facilities in the Zero Waste Project carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. At fuel - LPG - CNG sales stations, with hazardous, electronic and recyclable wastes that may occur during the station's operations; Whether the necessary system has been set up to ensure the proper disposal of the waste generated by passengers visiting for fuel and recreation, during shopping, eating and drinking, car wash-lubrication, tire-battery change, and all the work done by the stations to protect the environment will be evaluated within the scope of the competition. All fuel, LPG, CNG sales stations and recreational facilities in 17 districts http://www.bursa.bel.tr will be able to apply for the contest from the contests section on the web page.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Bursa Branch of TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers and the Competition Selection Committee, which consists of academicians, were awarded the first, second, third and honorable mention (3 units). ) rewards will be given. The results of the competition, for which the last application was May 17, 2021, will be announced to the public at a ceremony to be held as part of the World Environment Day events in June.

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