AKINCI TİHA Successfully Completed PT-3 Medium Altitude System Identification Test


The 3rd prototype of Bayraktar AKINCI Assault UAV, which was developed locally and nationally by Baykar Defense, successfully completed the Medium Altitude System Identification Test.

In the post made on the official social media account of Baykar Defense, it was reported that the 3rd prototype of the Bayraktar AKINCI Assault Unmanned Aerial Vehicle successfully completed the Medium Altitude System Identification Test. A video including the test flight was shared with the post published on April 10, 2021. Said video, “Bayraktar AKINCI PT-3 successfully completed the Medium Altitude System Identification Test today. Free and free in our skies… ”was shared with the note.

Mass production AKINCI TİHA's tests are carried out

It was reported that AKINCI TİHA's third prototype made its first flight in March 2021. In addition, it was stated that the tests of the AKINCI S-1, the first platform of mass production, were also carried out in Istanbul. Thus, it was announced that AKINCI TİHA's first mass production platform had started testing. According to the information obtained, the tests of AKINIC TİHA S-1 and S-1 platforms are continuing by Baykar Defense. After the ground tests are completed, the platforms will be sent to Çorlu for flight tests.

Mass Production AKINCI TİHA

Selçuk Bayraktar released a video in January 2021 where he made a speech in BAYKAR facilities. The AKINCI Offensive UAV platform, which entered the mass production process, appeared among the vehicles in the factory reflected on the camera in the background. In the video in question, in addition to AKINCI TİHA, which will enter the inventory in 2021, 3 prototypes of Flying Car CEZERİ, 2 ​​prototypes of the new generation Bayraktar DİHA, which is still mass production, and Bayraktar TB2 SİHA systems.

61+ Different Tests

In the statement made by Vice President Fuat Oktay at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee on November 27, 2020, it was stated that AKINCI TİHA's test activities for mass production have reached the final stage. In a post by Baykar Defense on December 6, 2020, it was stated that AKINCI TİHA successfully completed 61 different tests in about a year since its first flight.

Source: defenceturk

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