Japanese Motorcycle Giant Yamaha Produces Electric Car Engine Producing 469 Horsepower

Japanese motorcycle giant Yamaha produced an electric car engine that generates horsepower
Japanese Motorcycle Giant Yamaha Developed Electric Car Engine Producing 469 Horsepower

Japanese motorcycle giant Yamaha unveiled the electric vehicle engine that produces 469 horsepower. The statement from the company is that this engine will be used in "hyper electric" Japanese cars.

Introduced by Yamaha, this engine means it can produce an engine that keeps up with today's electric cars. The unit, which produces 469 horsepower, can operate at 800V as the most popular brands of today use in electric vehicles.

One of the most important benefits of the engine developed by Yamaha is that the engine is compact. In fact, thanks to this design, the brand benefits from ground and mechanical components. To explain this situation, it can be shown that the transmission and current converter are combined in a single unit.

Since 2020, Yamaha has been accepting commissions for the development of electric motors, and after this step, it is stated that the brand will sell the engine it has developed to other manufacturers. Although Yamaha is known for its motorcycles, some of its works in producing cars are also recent. zamwas running in moments.

The Japanese firm says it has a wealth of experience in making bespoke prototypes and will be able to adapt them to customers' specifications in a short period of time.

Electrification in the automotive industry is forcing large manufacturers to take up space in this area. Yamaha aims to support boutique manufacturers struggling within the scope of electrification strategies with this compact engine.

Still, it will not be the first to sell components to other automakers. Volkswagen signed an agreement to sell the MEB electric platform to Ford, while Audi and Porsche said they would be open to licensing their PPE architectures to other automakers.

We know how common is co-production in the automotive industry. This step taken by Yamaha and this goal it has set may carry them to a different point in the coming years.

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