Eat Healthy During Ramadan With Practical Recipes


During the Ramadan period we spend at home, we should pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet both at iftar tables and at sahur. Fakir Haugeräte's kitchen group small home appliances will be your biggest assistant in preparing delicious iftar and sahur delicacies.

During the Ramadan period we spend at home, we should pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet both at iftar tables and at sahur. Practical and satisfying flavors can be preferred, especially during sahur hours, when metabolism works slowly, and a comfortable fasting period can be spent. Fakir Haugeräte's kitchen group small home appliances will be your biggest assistant in preparing delicious iftar and sahur delicacies.

Hearty crispy toasts

Crispy delicious toasts you will make with Fakir Valery Grill & Toaster do not bother you with its practical preparation. A fried toast made with wholemeal toast bread is an alternative sahur flavor that will prevent you from consuming excess calories in the late hours and balance your hunger by keeping you full for a long time. Fakir Valery offers toast pleasure with its capacity of 4 slices of toast bread, while allowing you to get the toast you want with its adjustable heat control knob. Thanks to its stainless steel body that can be opened 180 °, it can be used as a grill, allowing you to prepare delicious meals for iftar. In addition, the product does not hold oil on it thanks to the oil pouring tray, while removable fireproof, non-stick teflon plates can be easily cleaned.

Vitamin-rich mixes

During Ramadan, it is possible to make delicious, healthy and delicious mixes that will keep you full for a long time. Thanks to Fakir Vitaly's slow squeezing technology, fruits and vegetables that are put into the machine without cutting through the 80 mm wide feeding nozzle break down less during squeezing and more fruit juice is obtained. Slow-pressing technology allows to prepare much more homogeneous and vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable juices. Unbreakable fruits and vegetables contribute to the body as a source of fiber when drunk with their pulp. In addition, since the device consumes less power, it allows you to save energy.

Fakir Vitaly, which has 0,8 liter pulp reservoir and 1 liter fruit juice reservoir with foam separator, offers the pleasure of organic fruit juice as well as strengthening immunity and vitamin supplements. With its removable stainless steel blades and stainless steel body, it can be cleaned practically as well as long-term use. The product provides safe use with its safety system and non-slip base that prevents working in wrong mounting.

Health from steam

Fakir Hausgeräte's Tolero steamer allows vegetables to be cooked while preserving their natural taste and nutritional value. The softness of the vegetables cooked by steaming makes them easy to digest and provides a long-term feeling of satiety. Thus, it offers the opportunity to have a quality Ramadan process by eating healthy whether at iftar or sahur.

You can easily cook all vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, artichokes, peas, zucchini, black-eyed peas, potatoes, beans, broad beans, chard, tomatoes in the Fakir Tolero with 1000 W power. It is also possible to cook some fish and eggs. Fakir Tolero, with its 9,9 L capacity and 3 steam cooking baskets, provides a qualified cooking method without creating droplets by providing quality steam. In this way, the colors and taste of the foods do not deteriorate. With the 1,2 L rice container, you can easily make and store delicious pilafs. The steam created by the water you fill in the 1,5 L capacity water tank on the bottom floor ensures that your food is cooked healthily. While the product can be used safely with its stainless steel surface, it has the feature of adding water during cooking if the steam is low. 60 minutes when you let your food cook zamWith the moment setting, you can spare time for your other work.

Grill pleasure at iftar

If you are one of those who cannot give up the taste of grilling at Ramadan tables, the Fakir Cookwell 2000 electric grill is just for you. The healthy and delicious meatballs, chops and steaks you prepare with Cookwell will crack the palates of your guests and loved ones at iftar. With the 5-stage heat setting, you can cook your meat to the desired consistency and appeal to all tastes. The smokeless grill function of the poor Cookwell 2000 does not cause smoke and soot problems during cooking. Cast non-stick plates allow your meat to be cooked evenly without sticking to the grill surface. It can be easily cleaned and cleaned with its dishwasher-safe glass cover and oil drip tray. zamIt allows you to save time.

Brewed teas like sweet

One of the indispensable parts of after iftar and sahur is the deliciously brewed tea. The Fakir Chaimood tea maker offers full tea enjoyment with its glass teapot including a 1,8-liter capacity kettle and a 1-liter capacity tea strainer. The removable stainless steel strainer allows the tea to be brewed without spoiling its flavor, while the device is made of linden, sage, rosehip, chamomile tea, etc. It also allows to prepare healthy herbal teas. By carrying Fakir Chaimood's 3600 rotatable wireless kettle throughout the house, you can refresh your tea without interrupting your enjoyment. With its automatic shut-off feature, your tea stays warm for a long time and your heart warms up on cold winter days. The product also provides safe use with overheating protection.

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