Don't Say Tinnitus

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Although "tinnitus", known as "tinnitus" among the people, seems insignificant, it can be a harbinger of serious diseases. May Hearing Aids Education Supervisor, Audiologist Seda Başkurt, emphasized that those with tinnitus complaints should apply to an ear, nose and throat physician without wasting time.

Tinnitus is seen as an innocent disorder that many people experience periodically. However, tinnitus, which is not emphasized enough, can cause great discomfort if early precautions are not taken, contrary to popular belief. Tinnitus expression; It is used to describe the sounds that a person has heard in the head, in one ear or in both ears even though there is no sound presence from the environment.

Audiologist Seda Başkurt, May Hearing Aids Education Supervisor, explained the causes of tinnitus, which can be seen at levels that can cause people to be isolated from society by threatening sleep patterns, work and social life. “The dirt accumulated in your ear, inflammation in the outer or middle ear, exposure to loud noise for a long time, blows to the ear or head, age-related hearing loss, otosclerosis and Menier's disease can be seen due to ear-borne problems such as. In addition, unconscious drugs, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiency, stress, and caffeine consumption can also cause tinnitus, ”he said. Seda Başkurt advised those who experience these complaints to see ear, nose and throat physicians without wasting time.

Pay attention to tumor risk

Stating that the complaints of hearing loss and dizziness, especially due to tinnitus in one ear, may indicate the presence of a tumor in the inner ear or brain, Başkurt said, “You can rule out the risk of tumor with MRI and tomography. In addition, noise gags are not used for individuals working in noisy environments. zamHearing loss can be seen in fine sounds called high frequency region. Hearing loss in low-pitched sounds can also cause tinnitus. Especially at night, thanks to the environmental sounds you hear during the day, your tinnitus, which relaxes a little bit, can increase its intensity when it goes silent.”

Possible to prevent tinnitus

Drawing attention to the importance of anti-tinnitus treatments, Audiologist Başkurt emphasized that at the first stage, it is necessary to avoid loud noise, unconscious drug use and stress. Başkurt said, “As in all diseases, avoiding anxiety and stress, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and smoking, which have a stimulating effect on our nervous system, and avoiding loud sounds also have mitigating effects on tinnitus. Psychological factors in the treatment of tinnitus that change individually are also very important to be successful in the treatment. A number of drug treatments can be applied to tinnitus, which has many treatment methods. B12 support can provide relief especially in tinnitus caused by vitamin deficiency. In addition, tinnitus related to blood pressure, sugar and salt consumption should be kept under control, ”he said.

Hearing aid use can provide relief

Providing information about the treatment methods that come to the fore in tinnitus complaints, Seda Başkurt said, “With the use of hearing aids, which is a medical treatment method, noise signals equivalent to the sound heard in the ear can be changed and the focus of the brain can be changed and relaxation can be made. Listening to the sound of ocean waves and similar therapy in order to fall asleep at night will also provide you with some relaxation. Psychiatric support should not be ignored, considering the psychological effects it has created on the person after the tinnitus treatment is initiated ”.

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