Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Turkey Ready to Rally Championship

Castrol-Ford team is ready to turkey turkey rally championship
Castrol-Ford team is ready to turkey turkey rally championship

The print history by giving the name of the European Championship in Turkey Castrol Ford Team Turkey, after 27-year hiatus in the Bodrum peninsula has successfully held its first rally in Bodrum Rally. Participating in the organization, which is the first race of the 2021 TOSFED Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup, with its young talents, the team succeeded in completing the race in the first place among the "2 Drive Cars" and "Young Pilots" and showed its strength in the challenging rally.

The first organization of the 2021 motorsport season in Turkey, 27 years after the Bodrum peninsula for the first time in 10 cars and was held on April 11-84 with the participation of the highest in recent years, with the participation of 168 athletes. The deceased will be remembered with enthusiasm for sports cars bearing the name of the veteran Göker organization TOSFED 2021, the first race of the Rally of Turkey's first and only European Cup champions Castrol Ford Team Turkey Rally Team competed as a full team.

Turks rally in young stars support with last year's pilot staff from top to bottom renewing objectives and younger Castrol Ford Team Turkey's young pilots "2WD cars" and "Young Drivers" in the race was completed successfully at the summit.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey 1999 born great promising young pilots Ali Türkkan and co-pilot Honor Leo Ford Fiesta Rally4 seat in the race for the best '2 wheel drive' and best 'young pilots' managed to finish as the top.

Emre Hasbay, born in 1995, and his co-pilot Burak Erdener, on the other hand, saw the finish in the second place just behind Ali with the Ford Fiesta R2T and signaled that they will dominate the season as a youth team.

Another young driver of the team, Can Sarıhan, born in 1998, participated in the first asphalt race of his career with his co-driver Afşin Baydar. He showed his promise with his steady and accelerating pace.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey in two-wheel drive class in recent years under the roof Fiesta R2T car with hand championships in a row that ümitcan Ozdemir, print the co-pilot Batuhan Memişyazıc with 2-wheel drive has passed the first steering asphalt Fiesta R4 and overall standings 5nd place name.

Bob: "Our young pilots ready for the Turkey Rally Championship"

Castrol Ford Team Turkey's champion pilot Murat Bostanci pilot's seat, while transition to coaching the pilot's seat, Bodrum Rally found the following assessment:

“We successfully left the Bodrum Rally, the first rally of the season, behind. It was a good race for us from start to finish. We finished the race at the top between both young pilots and two-wheel drive cars. We reassure a good start before I can say that Turkey Rally Championship. Rally of Turkey this year, especially with our young pilots Young Drivers Championship in 2021, 2021 Turkey Rally Championship and of course we aim to Two Wheel Drive Brands 2021 Turkey Rally Championship. We see this as a race, which will begin after 2 weeks of training before the race in Turkey Rally Championship. We both tried the final tuning of our cars and had a useful race to warm up our pilots after the long pandemic. We are happy that we finished the race where we aimed, even though it is a challenging track run for the first time. However, it is a very important pleasure for us to have 10 Fiesta vehicles in the top 4 and 20 of our 16 teams in total. both our community and country rally Castrol Ford Team Turkey Turkey is very important to thank all our athletes who shed sweat in this race. Apr. 24-25, Eskisehir Rally will begin with we are looking forward to the Turkey Rally Championship "

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