3D Printers Take the Scene in Remote and Mass Production

d printers take the stage in remote and serial production
d printers take the stage in remote and serial production

The effects of the change initiated by Covid-19 in industrial production continue. Manufacturers who have difficulties in finding many raw materials, especially chips, foreign procurement or plastic derivatives, have problems in manufacturing and cannot find spare parts for their production lines in the factory. The solution to the problems comes from the 3D printer. Remote and mass production started with 3D printers that produced an equivalent spare part at a much lower cost, and the spare parts shortage started to come to an end. Zaxe General Manager Emre Akıncı stated that 3D printers are the new favorite of industrial production and said, “The production cost advantage and remote working comfort brought by the 3D printer in the manufacturing stages pleased the industrialist. "The weight of 3D printers will continue to increase in production as well as in education, prototyping and hobby," he said.

3D printers eliminate the problem of spare parts production and transportation that arise in the world. With Covid-19, companies have difficulty in finding spare parts for production lines and machines due to the shortage of raw materials in many products, especially plastic. Finally, a break was announced that the production of the chip shortage due to a major automotive company in Turkey. Many companies in the world declared that they are restricting their production due to the shortage of raw materials and spare parts. On the other hand, companies that can find spare parts by paying more money than normal face higher prices. For an affordable part, the product cannot be found due to the shortage of products in the market, or several times its value is required for the part. 3D printers, on the other hand, use plastic, rubber and metal materials to produce a part at a low cost without the need for a mold. The number of parts printed by 3D printer users for hobby and educational purposes, especially industry, is increasing day by day, especially with the free download of spare parts designs for products to international publishing websites about 3D printers.

Creating Competitiveness

Turkey's domestic 3D printer manufacturer Zax General Manager Emre Akinci, especially industry and SMEs, including that of the entire world production quickly began to acquire a large 3D printer, he said. "Covid-19 showed us how important the chain in its production is," said Akıncı.

`` 3D printers, especially in the days when the epidemic was most severe, did not come to the factories with spare parts from countries such as China, the USA, France, Germany and Japan, which are the heart of the machinery industry. zamrevealed its importance in moments. Many industrial organizations either could not find these spare parts, which are very important for their production, or zamat the moment they encountered prices far above normal. With the 3D printers that came into play at this point, it was possible to produce the spare part at much cheaper cost. Companies seeing this ease and competitiveness began to see 3D printers not only in extraordinary situations, but as the most productive and efficient machines of the factory. 3D printers are actively used today in the manufacturing process of many products. "

Established a Profitable Structure

Zaxe General Manager Eme Akıncı stated that 3D printers not only provide production cost advantage for companies, but also facilitate remote work, and said, “Today, after determining which raw material to produce for the 3D printer, the design that is uploaded to the remote computer is mass-produced by the 3D printer. "This is a very important development in terms of protecting the health of people in production, while a company tradition of working remotely has been formed during the period of epidemic diseases such as Covid-19." Same zamStating that remote production is a factor that reduces the costs of personnel transportation and food at the moment, Akıncı stated that 3D printers have established a structure that brings profit to companies in every aspect.

Space Will Fly 3D Printer Technology

Especially in today's world where space technologies are advancing, printing stations to be installed in orbit of 3D printers is the same zamExplaining that it was redesigned to create management units and satellites on the surface of Mars and the Moon at the moment, Akıncı said, “In the light of these developments, very fast and big developments will be made in 3D printer technology. Companies have already adapted to 3D printer technology and made it a company principle to use this technology, which will make great progress in the future. zamAt the moment, they will be a few steps ahead of the competition compared to their competitors who do not do this and they will gain an advantage in catching the future "

Usage Tends to Increase

The same easy to use 3D printers zamZaxe General Manager Emre Akıncı explaining that the raw material used for printing is also cheap at the moment, “SMEs and large industrial organizations are very valuable for the production stages of the 3D printer, both in the production of spare parts of broken production tools and in the production of products in mass production using the 3D printer. they saw. Same zamAt the moment, educational institutions, starting from kindergarten to university, grasped how important 3D printing is for students' development, invested in this field and opted to support both technical and artistic development of students. Parents also developed their creativity by gifting 3D printers to their children. Production, education and the use of 3D printers for games or hobby purposes are in an increasing trend both in our country and in the world. As Zaxe, we bring our products, which are designed by our local engineers and realized with domestic production, to consumers in line with these purposes ”.

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