Utku Power Group Started Engine Tests Developed for Light Armored Vehicles

The first engine start of the Utku Power Group, developed for the new generation light armored vehicles, was carried out.

Mesude Kılınç, Head of SSB Engine and Power Transmission Systems Department, gave important information about the Utku Power Group, which was developed for the new generation light armored vehicles, at the Defense Technologies 2021 event organized by the Istanbul Technical University Defense Technologies Club.

Mesude Kılınç stated that the engine of Utku Power Group was started for the first time and that engine testing activities were started. The transmission is also close to its first start-up. zamStating that it will be carried out at the same time, Kılınç stated that the test activities will continue until 2023. For Utku Power Group, the contract was signed in 2017, and the system acceptance is expected to be completed in 2023.

Utku Motor first start up

Mesude Kilinc, “We care about the localization of critical subsystems. Although it increases the difficulty of these projects, we attach great importance to the localization of these critical subsystems for both the establishment of our infrastructure and the continuation of our work in these projects. " made statementsKilincIn this context, he emphasized that many critical subsystems of the engine and transmission have been developed domestically. Locally developed critical subsystems are as follows;

  • Turbocharger
  • Electronic Engine Control Unit
  • Torque Converter
  • Hydro-Static Steering Unit
  • Electronic Transmission Control Unit
  • Transmission Brake System

Power Pack Development Projects

Within the scope of the Power Group Development Projects, two different Power Groups are being developed for the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles and the ALTAY Main Battle Tank. Within the scope of the New Generation Light Armored Vehicle (YNHZA) Power Group (UTKU Project), a power group suitable for tracked light armored combat vehicles weighing up to 40 tons is being designed. This power group; 8-cylinder, V-type, turbodiesel, water-cooled at least 675 kW (920-1000 HP) azami power and at least 2700 Nmzamfrom a motor with i torque; It consists of a cross-drive, “T” connection type transmission with steering and braking functions, integrated cooling package, air filtration system and exhaust system.

Source: defenceturk

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