Working with Italy for the Training Helicopter Needs of the Turkish Armed Forces

Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made important statements regarding the procurement of "training helicopters" on questions about the ongoing helicopter projects.

SSB İsmail Demir stated that financial issues were discussed in the T70 general purpose helicopter project and any disruption in the project, etc. explained that there was no situation. In his speech, Demir stated that he continues to work towards the need for a "training helicopter". He stated that a joint effort was made with Italians for the training helicopter need. Regarding SSB İsmail Demir, "We have a training helicopter issue there, we have a joint work with Italians to meet the need for a limited number of training helicopters." made the statement.

The Italian company, stated by SSB İsmail Demir, is thought to be Leonardo, who also collaborated with TUSAŞ on the T129 Atak attack helicopter. Although the scope of "joint work" expressed by İsmail Demir is unknown, it is thought that there may be a limited number of ready-made purchases. In this context, there is a "new generation" basic training helicopter put into service of the Italian Army by the Leonardo firm. The AW169 light utility helicopter was delivered to the Italian Army by Leonardo as a new generation primary training helicopter.

Leonardo company delivered the first helicopter in training configuration of the AW169 Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) to the Italian Army in July 2020.The new helicopters, named UH-169B by the Italian Army, were officially configured as basic training helicopters. The new helicopters will be used for training Army ground aviation crews, who will fly the final configuration of the AW169s.

TAF also includes the aforementioned "training helicopters"; In addition to the existing helicopters, the T70 will be used for the basic training of the final flight crew of GÖKBEY and other general purpose helicopters that will be included in the inventory in the future. The avionics of a limited number of AW169 (?) Helicopters to be supplied from Italian Leonardo. systems will be used interchangeably with those of Turkish contractors.

Gökbey's first delivery will be made in 2022

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil talked about the Gökbey Utility Helicopter project in an interview he gave at the ÖDTÜBİRDER Hasbihal event, moderated by Tuba Özberk, on 17 January 2021. Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil had announced that the helicopter would begin to be delivered in 2022. Kotil said, “The T-625 Gökbey is a helicopter behind the front line. In its class there is a similar helicopter made by the Italian Leonardo. I hope we will sell more than him in a year. Deliveries haven't started yet. We will make the first delivery of Gökbey in 1. " gave place to his statements.

Source: defenceturk

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