Great Interest in Toyota's Hybrid Models

great interest in toyota hybrid models
great interest in toyota hybrid models

With the pandemic period, while personal preferences for environmentally friendly vehicles instead of fossil fuel cars continue to increase, institutions and organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint have turned to cars with hybrid technology.

Hybrid technology pioneer and leading brands, Toyota took 2021 thousand vehicle fleet with hybrid engines for 28 demand from Turkey. Turkey in January and February 2021 rose to 8,7 percent share of the total market level they get from hybrid cars in the automobile market, an important place with the diesel share fell to 27,4 percent of the models. every 100 hybrid vehicle 90 in Turkey's market carry the Toyota logo, in the first month with sales of 7 thousand 442 Corolla models of the 3 thousand 526 units with 47 percent reflected in the records as a hybrid version.

Toyota hybrid cars, which have reached 17 million sales worldwide today, drive without emission emissions, especially in urban use, while unlike other hybrid vehicles, especially mild hybrids, they save fuel by covering 50 percent of their life with an electric motor. Hybrids also provide instant power and acceleration thanks to a much stronger electric motor and battery than mild hybrids.

Bozkurt "The demand for hybrid cars will increase exponentially"

Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Co., Ltd. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt, pandemic period the measures taken in Turkey and around the world said they closely monitored the positive environmental impact of the "Personal environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles, demand for private institutions, the situation is reflected in the dense network of public institutions and fleet demand. We are working hard to meet the hybrid car demands that started a couple of years ago and continue to increase this year and to find enough vehicles. " said. Bozkurt added that hybrids have started to replace diesel in fleets with the exponentially increasing demand in the last two years, adding that;

“We see that corporate structures now push the button for company vehicles to evolve into more environmentally friendly models, especially hybrids, in order to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. Thanks to the cost advantages achieved by incentives and the development of technology, there is no longer a price gap between hybrid models and diesel or gasoline cars. Both retail and fleet users evaluate this situation very well. In 2020, our total hybrid sales were 16. I expect our hybrid vehicle sales to reach a significant level by setting a record in 55 with intense fleet demand. The survey we conducted with 2021 Toyota hybrid car users confirms this. While the satisfaction and recommendation rate exceeded 750 percent in the survey, the rate of those who said they would buy a hybrid car again is at the level of 90 percent. In addition, users state that they prefer hybrids for fuel consumption, environmental factors, quiet and comfortable driving. Besides; Those who prefer hybrid technology express that they will not drive vehicles other than hybrid, just like those who did not return to manual gear after switching to automatic transmission vehicles in the past.

Hybrids are advantageous in every way

Focusing on hybrid electric power units with its long-term strategy and succeeding in meeting the tightening emission regulations and becoming a leader in this technology, Toyota offers great advantages to its users with its hybrid technology that it has developed continuously.

In the measurements made; Hybrids, which cost 15 percent less fuel compared to diesel and 36 percent less than gasoline, respond positively to low emission standards in many countries and regions compared to other hybrid and similar models, especially light hybrid cars. In addition, when the second-hand figures are compared, it is seen that hybrid vehicles have an advantageous second-hand value by 4 percent compared to gasoline vehicles and 6 percent more than diesel vehicles.

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