Toyota prepares to introduce its new A-segment model in Europe

Toyota prepares to introduce new network segment model in europe
Toyota prepares to introduce new network segment model in europe

Toyota announced that it will continue to invest in the A segment, which is highly preferred and important in Europe, with a new model.

The all-new A segment model, which will be produced on the GA-B platform, will continue to play an entry-level role and be accessible for the Toyota brand.

Toyota's recently released new models stand out with their better driving, better handling, higher safety and more striking design thanks to the platform built on the TNGA architecture.

The New Yaris, the 2021 European Car of the Year, was also built on the GA-B platform. With its remarkable design, high cabin comfort, efficient and dynamic hybrid engine, superior driving dynamics and class-leading safety, it has also been appreciated by European users.

The next model to be built on the GA-B platform will be the Yaris Cross. Together with the Yaris, Yaris Cross and the new A segment model, the annual production of these models using the GA-B platform in Europe is expected to exceed 500 thousand.

Toyota aims to reach these figures with the availability of the new A segment model. However, engine selection is also of great importance in this segment. Today, products with internal combustion engines are predominant in the A segment, which means that the budget is a key point. Market forecasts reveal that internal combustion engines will continue to be preferred, especially in the market where financial availability is the dominant factor for customers.

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