TOGG CEO Describes the Final Point of the Domestic Automobile Project

CEO of Togg explained the latest point of the domestic automobile project
CEO of Togg explained the latest point of the domestic automobile project

TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş touched on the domestic automobile project in his statements to the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry. At the end of 2020, the supplier choices for auto completion that expresses Karakas, 75 percent of suppliers from Turkey, said he was from in Kocaeli 26 percent of them.

TOGG CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş, who attended the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Assembly meeting as a guest speaker, told the following in his presentation to the Assembly members:

“Our developments, engineering and production processes continue rapidly in accordance with the schedule we planned on the way we set out to bring more than a car to life. We think Kocaeli and its surroundings are at a very valuable point for our industrial sector, especially for the automotive industry. In our researches, it is of great importance that successful companies around the world are close to attraction centers while producing and developing. It is very important to be close to qualified personnel and qualified companies to cooperate with. In this context, we are in a position in the triangle of Bursa, Kocaeli and Istanbul. 75 percent 26 percent of our suppliers we choose are operating in Kocaeli in Turkey.

All the rules of the game for the automotive industry are changing. Because the customer's expectations are changing. The rapid development of technology opens up a whole new universe of opportunities in the automotive industry. Again, the demand for smart devices that emerged in parallel with the development of digitalization led people to adapt to this comfort. The years 2032-2033 will be a turning point for the industry. The share of internal combustion vehicles will fall below 50 percent. We see huge automotive company mergers to adapt to the new world, they are trying to create a synergy. But when you combine two elephants, a gazelle does not. In this new competitive environment, it is not the one who has a lot of money, the old and the famous; those who are creative, those who are open to collaboration, those who are entrepreneurs will get a bigger share of the profit pool and will be successful.

Our most basic principle while setting off was that the intellectual and industrial property rights of our products belong 100 percent to us. In this context, the battery modules will be manufactured in Turkey we announced earlier. In the upcoming periods of our cooperation on this issue, steps will be taken in the production of cell technology in our country. The number of countries that have their own cell technology does not exceed 10 all over the world. We will be among these countries.

We will focus on being successful in the domestic market for the first 18 months after the vehicle hits the road. It is not possible for brands that cannot be successful in the domestic market to achieve success in export markets. Export is a very important issue for all of us. There is even a demand from China regarding the dealer organization. But here we will proceed as planned and correct zamwe will be in the right places in the moment. We work diligently to avoid even the slightest point of complaint on our vehicle. "

On a question about the tax increase on electric vehicles, Karakaş said, “Those who are fast in the transformation of electric vehicles are among the countries that will have a say in this field. For this reason, electric vehicles require positive discrimination all over the world. Periodic changes or current discussions in the tax scheme will not affect TOGG's plans, which set out within the framework of a 15-year plan to produce electric vehicles from birth, ”he said.

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