TEI, Kincentric Turkey Program 4. The Best Employers Award Winner Once Had

Developed by national and original aircraft engines as well as human resources in the field of the performing successful work TEU, the world's leading human resources and management consulting company for more than 20 years by Kincentric made and carried out since 2006 in Turkey, 'Best Employers 2020 study in Turkey' was deemed worthy of the “Best Workplace” award.

Having previously won the “Employee Loyalty Special Achievement Award” for 3 consecutive years in research conducted within the scope of the Best Employers Program; This year, it received the “Best Workplace” award, which is the top class in all categories, following the projects it carried out with an innovative approach regarding agility, engaging leadership and talent focus as well as employee loyalty.

TEI received this award thanks to the improvement activities carried out every year in various fields in order to create a constructive and positive culture in the company and to touch its employees more. In the recent period, when human resources practices such as performance system, career development system, bonus system, rewarding recognition system were designed with an innovative approach, the agile organization, flexible working, remote working and new business models aimed at increasing cooperation between teams have been further increased. In this process, a working environment where employees contribute to the systems and a high sense of belonging has been created.

TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit said about the award, "Our next goal is to zamThe moment will be to focus on the better and continue our fair, transparent and competency-based human resources practices. I would like to express my gratitude to our Human Resources team, all of our managers, and most of all to all of our employees who have a heartfelt commitment to our company, who contributed to our being deemed worthy of this award. I fully believe that the entire TEI Family, which has managed to fit 7 national and 10 domestic engine projects in 1 years with the valuable contributions of our employees, and which has evaluated TEI among the best employers for 4 years and brought it to the top, will achieve much greater success."

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