SUNGUR Air Defense System to be Integrated into Ship Platforms

ROKETSAN General Manager Murat İkinci, in an interview with TRT Haber, made statements about the SUNGUR air defense missile system. Stating that the SUNGUR air defense missile system was developed entirely with national facilities, Second, he stated that they will integrate SUNGUR on ship platforms and that it can be used successfully for the defense of ship platforms, fixed and critical facilities in the future.

Murat Second, stated that SUNGUR has also been evaluated for its use in air platforms and that studies continue in this direction. Stating that the delivery of the SUNGUR air defense missile system to the Turkish Armed Forces will begin in 2021, İkinci said, "Preparations for mass production have been completed, and this year, the Turkish Armed Forces will be using the SUNGUR Air Defense System."

Stating that there is a serious demand abroad for the SUNGUR air defense missile system, Murat İkinci said, “There is a serious demand in foreign markets. In this regard, the initiative is entirely in our Presidency of Defense Industry, Ministry of National Defense and our state. This product will definitely be shared with friendly and brotherly countries allowed by our state. " made statements.

SUNGUR Air Defense Missile System

The SUNGUR system, which is the first stage of the layered air defense system, developed entirely with domestic and national facilities, has the features to provide air defense of mobile / fixed units and facilities in the battlefield and in the rear region. SUNGUR, which can be described as a short range air defense system in terms of general performance characteristics, is the first member of the HİSAR Air Defense family and one of the important elements of the layered air defense system.

Source: defenceturk

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