Cold Weather is a Great Risk for COPD Patients

Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Yalçın Karakoca gave information about the subject. COPD, colloquially known as chronic bronchitis, is a chronic disease characterized by restriction of air flow during breathing due to narrowing of the airways in the lungs.

As a result of smoking and tobacco use, the trachea is narrowed and thickening in the cells that produce sputum, and the treatment is performed by cleaning and widening the trachea.

This operation is performed with the help of special cameras that allow us to see inside the windpipe. Specially developed balloons are entered into the narrowed windpipe with the help of a special camera. Specially made balloons in this area are inflated with pressure and frequency so as not to damage the lungs. The sputum and thickened tissue in this area is scraped with a balloon and thrown out.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia by putting the patient to sleep.

Prof. Dr. Yalçın Karakoca listed the Advantages of the COPD Balloon as follows;

  • There is no pain and ache in terms of patient comfort.
  • You can return to your social life immediately after the operation.
  • You can have this operation done again.
  • There is no age limit.

After this operation, patients can breathe much more easily, climb the stairs and slopes comfortably, and the need for oxygen cylinders decreases.

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