MG Electric Marvel Run During The Year will be put up for sale in Turkey


Dogan Dogan Holding, which operates under the umbrella of the Turkey distributor of Trend Automotive's assume that the origin of the legendary British car brand MG (Morris garages), continues to attract attention with its new electric models.

Brand ZS EV model to be sold in Turkey very little zamThe next generation 100% electric premium SUV model Marvel R Electric, which will play an important role in its plans in European markets, was also introduced. MG Marvel R Electric stands out as a model developed for European drivers who demand an attractively priced premium electric SUV with innovative design, high performance and a long range. Marvel R Electric easily meets the needs of users with a range of over 400 kilometers (WLTP). Another striking feature of MG Marvel R Electric is the V2L (vehicle-to-load), that is, the power transmission system from the vehicle to the device. This technology enables the vehicle's high-voltage battery to charge an external electric vehicle or device such as an electric scooter, laptop, air pump or even another EV. This innovative technology is considered an important step towards the development of green mobility solutions.

Regarding the introduction of the new model, Doğan Trend Otomotiv CEO Kağan Dağtekin said, “Since its entry into the European market in 2019, the MG brand stands out as the rational choice in electric mobility, combining high technology with attractive design and high equipment. With its dynamic cars that offer high driving pleasure, the hearts of European consumers are short. zamWinning at the moment, MG continues to draw attention with its new models. We are trying to adapt our entire product and brand range rapidly to new technologies and trends. In this sense, the new model Marvel R will strengthen us in this period when we are preparing to launch the MG brand. On the other hand, as Doğan Trend Otomotiv, it will be a great SUV model that we will present to our customers who care about reducing their carbon footprint. Both premium and awe-inspiring performance Marvel Run since the beginning of year 2021 in order to bring to our country, especially in Turkey are working short zam"We aim to clarify the process right now."

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