Why can finger sucking be harmful and how to solve it?

It is common for babies to explore the world using their mouths during infancy. This is a natural instinct for babies. Sucking the pacifier or thumb is normal for the first few years of life. It gives a feeling of calmness and relaxation to babies, especially during teething periods. If this habit continues after the age of 5, it could be a sign of a problem with the child's emotional or social development. Right zamIt is necessary to stop the finger sucking habit or the use of pacifiers at the same time. Otherwise, there may be some undesirable damages.

Possible side effects

One of the main benefits of this habit for both their child and their parents is that it helps them both calm down more easily and fall asleep. However, if this habit does not end before tooth development begins, the teeth may become perplexed and the need for orthodontic treatment may arise in the future.

If your child is still sucking his thumb or pacifier after removing all the milk teeth, there is a possibility that he or she may get a middle ear infection.

Dt. Pertev Kökdemir listed other long-term effects of excessive thumb sucking as follows.

  • Positioning the chin forward or back
  • Excessive pitting of the palate
  • Positioning of the chin in a way that adversely affects speech,
  • Continuous mouth contact of harmful bacteria or viruses
  • Skin disorders on the skin of the thumb in addition to the ugly or crooked appearance of the thumbs

The most important thing is to support and encourage your child during the quitting process. Thus, by gaining their self-esteem, you can make them quit this habit more comfortably and in a short time.

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