Depression and Digital Addiction Increased During Pandemic Period

The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which is effective all over the world, negatively affects children for many reasons. Rümeysa Alaca said, “The inability of children to go to school has become one of the factors that increase stress in the family. In the first period of the pandemic, concerns were intense, but as the process got longer, depressions, obsessions, communication problems, digital addictions started to increase more. As it became chronic, mental fatigue increased. "It is very important that mothers and fathers look to the future with hope so that children are not affected by this process."

Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Dr. Rümeysa Alaca said, “Children attending school should not be considered as just getting education. The school helps the child to plan his / her day, chat, play games, develop himself in every aspect, provide social activity and physical activity, but are the same zam"It is a place that creates an opportunity to stay away from the family and miss the parents."

The time children spend with technology should be under the control of the family

Underlining that it is very important for parents to fill all these interests that children have lost, to communicate with them one-on-one, and to ensure that they continue their normal routines, especially during this period. Rümeysa Alaca emphasized that the time children spend with technology should be under the control of the family. He also stated that they should protect children from the physical and psychological harms of spending time sitting in front of the screen for a long time. Instead of unlimited hours spent with technology, activities such as story reading, word and card games, cabinet arrangement, handicraft activities, dancing, planning small theater performances, silent cinema, making fun imitations and drawing cartoons can be planned.

The kids are also outside zammust pass a moment

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Stating that as the process gets longer compared to the first period of the pandemic, depression, obsession, communication problems and digital addiction increase in children. Rümeysa Alaca said, “In order to protect children from the negative spiritual effects of the pandemic, it is very important that parents look to the future with hope. While adapting to the online school plan; children are outside too zamIt should not be forgotten that he should spend a moment. "As the period of their stay at home is prolonged, the children may not want to leave the house. It is important for the mental and physical development of the children to create a routine and encourage them to go out."

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